31 December 2013

2013 In Review


What can we say about this past year? Other than the fact that it went by so ridiculously fast, am I right?! As a family, we saw some highs ... we saw a few lows ... but really, we spent most of the year coasting through, and didn't really get above or below that mid-line level of excitement very often.

The beginning of the year saw this little ole blog brought back to life, {and please forgive how horribly written that whole thing sounds now.}

M & S had a fun Daddy/Daughter date-night out.

L started his journey with the Dentist is February that just now, in December, is coming to fruition.The rest of the "saga" can be seen here and here.

I was shocked by a Mom's direct-ness in her comments at Chick Fil A.

M & I, after 5 years of marriage, decided to finally take a "honeymoon" and found ourselves sailing to the Caribbean. We saw Grand Turk, The Dominican Republic, Curacao and Aruba. What an amazing time we had!

S got to experience her first trip to the movie theater {and without her parents, at that!}

We finally broke out of our "bubble" and joined a Moms Of PreSchoolers group. And to balance some of the fun of that, we started an at-home preschool program, too. Our first month, and second month, were a great success. With the holidays, we found it a little more difficult to stay on top of things, but still got through our set of letters for the month, even if we didn't touch on many other areas.

You see -- our year was just that: 12 months of average family living. But we loved -- man, did we love -- and we learned a lot along the way. We learned that we don't need much tv to fill our days. We learned that yelling doesn't always help a situation. We learned a little patience, even if we need constant reminders to keep it up! And we learned to live as a cohesive unit -- working every day to run smoothly, even when times get tough.

Hopefully, the next year will give us a little more excitement. Lord knows, I have plenty of plans for it! 


  1. And I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your "average family living"! Happy new year!!!

  2. I am so happy you and your family had such a wonderful year! I saw on FB that the job was going well for the Hubs. I hope you have a wonder 2014 as well!