02 January 2014

If 2013 Was a Sparkler, Ours Barely Fizzled

Happy 2014, everyone! 

Hopefully you all enjoyed your first day of the year, doing what you could to start your way to keeping those goals or plans {*ahem* or resolutions} that you set for yourself. We'll be back tomorrow with a list of goals and plans we have for this new year. But the question remains -- how did you spend the very last day of 2013? 

For us, it was anything less than exciting, which seems to be the trend for our entire 2013 year, really. And a lot of times, happens to be the case for moms, and really for families with little ones. We actually spent our very last 2013 morning bouncing between doctors' offices for check ups on minor issues that had flared up within the last month. 

The morning started at the dermatologist's office. Where they informed me that, although the card they gave me said the appointment was on the 31st, they had, in fact, put it in their system as being for the 2nd ... so they had filled our slot. But ... because they are nice, they would work us in. I was a little peeved about that one -- it's the second "problem" in as many visits that we've had with that office. Can't places be professional and on top of their game anymore? Anyway -- we wound up getting seen after a bit, and were out and on our way. 

We had some time to kill, so of course, we hit up Target. With even more time to kill than we hoped, we popped into Starbucks for a little mid-morning treat. And wouldn't you know ... those two little ones of mine drank more of my iced latte than I did?! Thank goodness for Decaf, but ... still! I need to learn to go there when they are NOT with me ... or at least lie to them and say I got something spicy, right!? At least they enjoyed their cake pops! 

L had his dental  post-op, since we were two weeks out from surgery. He was so excited to get back behind that door and couldn't sit still ... until he saw the hygienist and then it was game over! Luckily, he literally stuck her gloved finger in his mouth, rubbed it around and looked to make sure there was no swelling or anything looking crazy, and we were done. Less than five minutes. Lollipops {sugar free} and stickers were well-received from the kids, afterward, though. 

I grabbed the kids some lunch in the car and we headed for home. Of course, L was in a mood and didn't want to eat anything. And actually didn't eat any lunch at all. I'm hoping its just some phase he's going through, because its now two days in a row of this behavior, and starting to worry me a bit. Especially given that he's our great eater! 

Do you know what the best part of that morning was, though? Knowing that we get to do it ALL OVER AGAIN on Friday!! {/sarcasm} We're rocking this week in style, hanging out like the cool kids do in doctors' offices all over town! Thankfully, Friday is just a typical 2-year well-check, and a hearing recheck for our S, who has more of an attention problem we fear than a hearing problem. We shall see. 

I'm just hoping this week's "activities" don't set the tone for our 2014; that we don't find ourselves at the doctors more times than we care to count this year! 

How was your last day of 2013? 
Memorable -- in good ways or bad? 
Or just like any other calendar day? 


  1. Boo to being at the doctors! Not a fun way to start out the year. Hugs!