15 August 2014

Kiddo Cutes

I love it lately -- not only is S spouting off her usual silliness, but L is joining in on the fun, as well. The more and more he talks, the funnier the things get that come out of his mouth. He really is our funny-man ... and I have no doubt that in the classroom setting, he is most likely going to be the comedian, the class clown, if you will. As long as he puts his schoolwork first, I have absolutely no problem with him being the one that keeps his friends {and teachers} laughing, never knowing what he's going to say next. As for S, she's going to be our chatty Cathy, I am sure. Much like her mother, her report cards will always note: "Great student ... but she talks too much in class." Apple doesn't fall far, does it?! Here are some of their latest funnies:


when looking at the blueberries on mom's pancakes:
S: hey look, those look flower-y. or church-y. ya know ... like the pope's thing-y.

while driving to church one sunday morning:
song on the radio: tomorrow's another day // im thirsty anyway ... // so bring on the rain!
S: what?! she doesn't have a kitchen sink?!

while coloring together early one morning:
S to L: you, my boy, are a dinger! do you know that?!

while rubbing my early morning legs on the couch
L: oh! mama! whats on your legs?!

while racing me back to the house:
L: i am {*huff and puff*} super fast {*huff and puff*} just like ... SUPERMAN!


I love these silly kids -- and the funny things that come out of their mouths! 

14 August 2014

Post Crossing

I've always wanted to be able to travel. To see the world, and all the beautiful sights it has to offer. But as many people know, and understand, when you have young kids, sometimes, traveling the world over isn't exactly feasible. And that doesn't even touch on the subject of how expensive it is to go and see and do. All the time.

So recently, I found a way to get to know other people all over the world, while seeing what their home towns look like, the sights, the landscape, the people, and the heritage. Enter: PostCrossing.

Essentially, Post Crossing is a website that connects people from all over the world, swapping mailing addresses every time you are ready to send out a new post card to someone from anywhere in the world. I was excited to find this website, and looked forward to learning about so many new and different places.

The day my very first postcard arrived in the mail, it was a beautiful illustrated card from the Ukraine. As the days and weeks went by, the cards slowly started to trickle in, from places like Moscow, Sydney, Germany, the Netherlands, and Taiwan. Each card a snippet into the lives of individuals, a picture of where they are from and how they carry on their every day lives. Each card just as fun and beautiful as the next.

Now, every time I walk to the mailbox, I get a little excited -- never knowing exactly when a card will arrive, or where it will be coming from.

Have you ever sent postcards all around the world?

11 August 2014

Church, Cleaning, And Chatting With Friends: Our Weekend In Review

They say time flies when you are having fun. But let me tell you -- when you are waiting for that *fun* to start, time really does drag on. Not only did last week feel like one of the longest weeks known to man, but this past weekend was quite a long one, as well. Granted, I had plenty to do to fill it ... but it seemed like the minutes were just barely ticking by. I never thought we would wake up to Monday morning! Saturday, I spent the day with a few fellow MOPS moms, planning out the schedule for our entire year to come. Play dates. Meeting agendas. Mom's nights out. We had lunch, got in plenty of girl talk, and got ourselves excited for a great year ahead. As soon as we were done our meeting, I drove home, picked up the family, and we headed to town for dinner out with my father-in-law, and then picked up Victor from the vet. He was so happy to be home, and is already settling in to the rest of the house nicely. Although he still prefers to hide from the kids in our room, snuggled up under our bed! Sunday morning we spent our time at church, and came home to get right into the cleaning. I hate leaving the house a mess, and coming home to one, as well. I made a checklist, and got right to it. All while I made the kids be responsible for their play room. It took a bit of nagging, and a whole lot of reminding, but they finally managed to get it clean.

We have a lot to look forward to in the next few weeks -- and already, August feels like it is absolutely FLYING by. Even if the days are going slow.

The weekend -- how was yours?! 

08 August 2014

Links I Love

Goodness -- its been the longest week imaginable. We've been busy with late-night church registration and class for S, running a bunch of errands and doctors' appointments for both S and Victor, and starting to get things ready for our up-coming vacation. I think I'll finally be able to relax once I'm settled in on that airplane, as we're taxiing down the run-way. {But then, again ... who am I kidding?! Flying with kids isn't exactly a stress-free situation, is it?!} Either way ... its Friday. M is off from work ... and I'm counting down the days until we are relaxing with family in Maine. So today -- easy post is easy. Enjoy a few of these links and articles from around the web, and have a relaxing weekend!

Check out this article by a British Nanny about how our Modern Parenting is failing our children ...

This recipe for french toast is seasonal, slightly tart, and delicious. Also, toddler approved!

I will no longer feel bad about taking a quick nap on the couch!

I love this nightstand ... but I wonder, how easy it might be to do something similar diy.

To any Canadians who may be reading ... I'm sorry -- but I couldn't do much better than these folks.

And because this video is just too funny NOT to share!

Every Mama feels this way, I'm convinced!

Also, this article on raising Wholesome Children?! Love it -- its spot on!

06 August 2014

What I've Been Reading ...

It's a miracle, of sorts -- but I've actually been able to read lately. Pick up a book, read from one cover to the next, and find myself actually enjoying it. It took me awhile to find a book that kept my attention, but lately, its been easy to find something that I get hooked on within the first few pages. Let's see what I buried my nose in during July:

1. Light on Snow by Anita Schreve:  Of all the books I read in July, this was my least favorite. I had heard great things about Schreve's writing, and was really looking forward to diving into this story. About a young girl and her father, who stumble upon an abandoned baby in the cold winter woods, the story took place over only a couple short weeks. Unfortunately, for me, there didn't seem to really be the traditional path of a story -- detail, leading/ exciting happenings, climax, and conclusion. Instead ... there was no climax. It just sort of ... sailed along. Although it was an okay story, and a quicker read, I had a hard time really relating to the character. 2.5 out of 5 stars. 

2. Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie: I had been reading a lot of memoirs and serious-ish stuff when I picked this light and easy read up. Within a few pages, I was hooked -- it is a typical beach read. A little romance. A lot of dramatics. A lot of fun. And I easily finished all 300+ pages within 2 days. The characters are fun, funny, and easy to fall in love with. The story is predictable, but good. 4 out of 5 stars. 

3. Dream New Dreams by Jai Pausch: In June I read The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, so it was only fitting that I follow it up with this book by his wife/widow, Jai. From her point of view, its the story of dealing with her husband's terminal cancer, how she carried on with their children, how she coped with the stress of him working while battling his illness, and how she has moved on since his untimely passing. The story is as light as possible, while still covering such a heart-heavy topic. Well written. Easy read. Heartfelt and enjoyable, I'd recommend it for anyone -- whether you are dealing with medical stressors or not. 4 out of 5 stars. 

4. MWF Seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche: Another book I had heard a lot of good things about, I picked this book up off Amazon on a whim. I was really interested in this woman's search for a new BFF in a newer city -- especially since I could relate. She puts herself out there, exposing herself to judgement, and opening her mind up to new experiences and lots of new people. Making friends as an adult is never as easy as doing it as a young child, and this book not only shows that, but shows just how much work adults actually have to put into making lasting relationships. Funny and witty, Bertsche doesn't take herself too seriously, which makes this a fun read. 3.5 out of 5 stars. 

Clearly, non-fiction tend to be more of my favorites. What about you -- are there genres you are more drawn to? What have you been reading lately? Any recommendations for what I should read next?!