16 April 2014

Currently ...

Currently, we are:

Craving iced coffee! Granted, I may only drink decaf, but lately, every time I drive to town I find myself wanting to pull through the closest Starbucks. I've been able to resist a few times, but my goodness! It's just so good!

Fixing the Suburban. Already! Not exactly what we planned, but as I've told M a few times already, you kind of have to expect little things to go wrong when you buy a used vehicle, especially when you get such a big vehicle for little money. Right now, we're working on repairing the front end: ball joints, wheel barrings and a new radiator.

Hoping for a phone call from the State sometime this week. The rumor is that the prison M was working at before is going to open up a position that would give him a five day a week schedule, which is something we all miss a great deal around here. I don't want to get my hopes up too high, but my fingers are crossed!

Meeting new friends at MOPS. Both the kids and I have met a few new faces at our past couple of meetings, and there are big hopes to get together for play dates over the summer. Unfortunately, we are also having to say goodbye to a couple friends. One of S's buddies is leaving next month, and another little girl is moving over the summer. Three friends in less than three months: this is definitely something new for our kids. They never had to deal with it when we were active duty.

Playing lots of play-doh. I've never really loved the stuff {as a Mom, anyways} -- it gets crumbly and makes a mess, smears into the table, drops on the floor ... and I tend to get a little agitated when colors get mixed, which is bound to happen with little ones. But, I can't deny them the pleasure anymore -- especially after seeing how much they love to sit down and play with it. Especially L. He could sit at the table for hours and roll dough out, squish it back together and do it all over again.

Practicing collecting as many Easter Eggs as our baskets will hold. The kids are getting excited the closer it gets to this weekend, and have been seen a few times running around the house with baskets, hiding and finding their own eggs.

Reading lots of library books. Usually when M is working, we incorporate a library visit into our weekend, and the last time we were there, we picked up over 20 books that we had never read. Some new and some old favorites of mine when I was a kid {Rainbow Fish, anyone?!} Not only are the kids loving it, but I'm enjoying having different stories to read at bedtime, instead of the same ones over and over and over and over ...

Recovering from all our hospital visits recently. S is feeling much better the past day or two, and although she still has to finish her round of antibiotics, she's eating better, drinking more, and starting to act like her silly self again. And M is back to normal, as well. He went to the ER last week with the worst migraine he's ever had, half his head feeling numb and throbbing. Thankfully, the CT scan came back fine, so they gave him three shots to subside the pain and sent him home. Two days later he was finally feeling like himself again.

Waiting to pick strawberries! I love this time of year in North Carolina. The berries are red and sweet and fresh! We have plans to go with some friends in the next couple of weeks and I plan on picking as many as our bucket can hold. Between eating them plain, mixing them with plain yogurt and granola, or making homemade shortcake, we'll be enjoying some delicious local strawberries soon!

15 April 2014

What Matters Most

Sometimes, its the little things in life that excite you the most. It might be a sunny day, ocean water lapping against the sandy shore, a glass of sweet tea on a hot summer evening. It might be the sound of rain on a metal roof, the first snowfall of the winter season, or the first time you slip on sandals after the winter has retired.

To our little ones, its climbing into the "big car" to go for a ride, being up so high that they can see everything passing by. Looking out the window at the other cars and motorcycles. Rolling the window down, only for a moment, to feel the breeze.

To our little ones, its stopping at a gas station to get a treat. Sharing a soda with a straw, stretching their legs and looking at all the goodies stocked on those convenient shelves, candy and cookies always at their eye level. Its finding a table outside, in the sun, to enjoy a Rice Krispy Treat, the sticky marshmallow lining their lips and hands.

To our little ones, it's pulling into the airport, knowing exactly why we are there, and where we are going. Watching the large planes taking off down the runway, landing and taxiing to their gates. Its parking in the dark garage, getting to ride up a floor on the elevator, and anticipating leaving because it means riding up the escalator!

To our little ones, its standing at the exit sign, watching the arrival screen, seeing the flight light up as it lands. Its seeing their loved ones walk across the monitor, and knowing that in just a few short moments, they will really be "here", and then running to the waiting area to get that first hug and hello.

To our little ones, its seeing the ones they loved, the ones they have missed every day for months, the ones that are now here in their arms, hugging and loving them.

To our little ones, its all about the little moments! Those are what make the biggest impact!

14 April 2014

Errands, Fever, and Another ER Visit: Our Weekend in Review

The weekend started out relatively lowkey. M was working, so we had planned our usual solo Saturday. I needed to grab a new bag of sand for the sand table, and after that, we headed towards the library. It was great -- we were the only ones in there, so I didn't have to worry AS much if either of the kids were a little noisier than they should be. We brought home a ton of books this week {over 20!!} and Mommy even got to find a book for her. So far, so good. Afterward, we ran to the grocery store for a few things and came home for lunch. S had been complaining about being tired and sluggish since Friday, but when we got home, I noticed she was a little warm. So I gave her some tylenol and laid her down for a nap. She slept three hours and didn't want to wake up.

That was my sign that something more was really going on. The fever persisted all night, ranging from 100.1 to 102.7 a few times. Up and down. Nothing we tried was cutting it: popsicles, a fan, a cool bath, water and pedialyte, tylenol, rest, food. So Sunday morning after I got up and around, and noticed that her fever was still hanging out around 102, I made the choice to take her to the ER. By the time we got there, she was up to 103.6 orally, so we were taken back to a room immediately.

Because of her recent surgery, they checked her ears first, which were clear. So they drew blood and did a catheter to check for any underlying causes. As far as they can tell, she has a low-level urinary infection, aggravated even more by a virus. So they gave her a popsicle while there, told us to push fluids and tylenol/motrin, and sent us home with a prescription for some antibiotics. Thankfully, once we got home, she was a little perky, ate half a cheese burger, and played for a little bit before nap time.

Definitely wasn't the way we envisioned our Sunday morning going, but all's well that ends well.

11 April 2014

May These Precious Days Last Forever

Over the weekend, the bright sunny weather we were having turned cooler once again. The clouds rolled in, and with it came the cloudy, gray, gloomy skies, and eventually the rain. Off and on. For days. After such a long winter, these little bits of gorgeous weather mixed in with cooler, rainy days is such a tease. The kids were stuck indoors -- staring out the windows and begging to play in the grass. Pollen coated everything. Our porch turned yellow, the toys and picnic table covered as well. There were no chalk drawings on the concrete to speak of.

Finally, Thursday, the weather broke. The sun peaked through the clouds. Life perked up a bit, and we were all warm, and happy, and free again. The kids and I sat for over an hour at the park -- just taking in the moments childhood is made of. We shared some Teddy Grahams and a drink, pushed each other on the swings, ran around the slides, and dug in the dirt. We came home, only to spend even more of the morning outside, spraying the first signs of spring/summer off the house and outdoor furniture. M cut the grass for the first time this season. We walked to see the tadpoles swimming in our ditch, and watched the horse in the small pasture across the road.

Come afternoon, we went for a wagon ride to visit the horse, as we do almost daily now. The kids are always so concerned that he is lonely and just needs a friend, now that the owners got rid of their second horse. I must admit -- most days, he does look a bit sad. When we got back to our yard, the kids ran around barefoot, collecting sticks, climbing on things, and running through the grass. We ate a quick dinner and came back outside yet again, turning on the hose to rinse a few more things, soaking the kids feet at the same time. Just before the sun set, we came back inside to don pajamas and climb into bed, thoroughly worn out from all the fresh air. Worn out, and yet happy.

These are the days that life is made of!

10 April 2014

Kiddo Cutes

Sometimes, kids are down-right sweet. Sometimes they can be sassy, or crazy. And sometimes they are just silly. Our S is all of the above, rolled into one awesome little girl. And this month, the things that came out of her mouth have been no different from months' past -- surprising, and leaving us smiling or laughing no matter the occasion! 

"God loves me when I'm good ... and when I'm bad!" 

"Ohhh, I have a headache. I must have slept on my head and wrinkled it, Mommy!" 

Mommy: "S, put your shirt back on, please!"
S: "No!"
Mommy: "Now, S!"
S: "I can't! My baby -- see?! She wants boob!" 

While watching Good Luck Charlie on Disney: 
S: Are they going to fall in LOVE?!
Mommy: "I think they are!"
S: "OHMYGOSH! He's giving her a RING!!!!"
Mommy: "No ... I think he's just giving her a kiss..."
S: "Oh ...." (She was clearly let down ...)

S to Mommy: "Sit down with me. We need to have a talk ..." 

Oh this girl! She always knows how to lighten the moment, even if she's saying something she really shouldn't be. Surely, she pushes buttons, and doesn't always listen, but at least she keeps our home full of love and laughter, day after day!