04 February 2015

That Time I Had Three Kids

The other day I got my feel of what life is like with three kids. A friend of mine works over an hour away from town, and has a little girl S's age, so I offered to watch her from time to time, when her schedule overlaps with her husband's schedule. Her daughter came to hang out for the morning -- and it wasn't half bad. She arrived just after breakfast time, and the kids got started on playing right away. It was actually a nice break for me -- I was able to get some laundry done, read a news article, and pick up a few things around the house while my kids were entertained by someone "new" being in the house.

Midway through the morning, I told the kids it was time to clean up some messes, and load into the car. We hit our first roadblock, and it was with our own kid, Over booster-seats. S was mad that I asked her to sit in the middle/spare booster, and not her "precious" princess booster. So she ran laps around the house, throwing herself down on the gas, kicking and screaming and crying, in front of her friend, until I told her I was leaving, and climbed in the car. She quickly changed her mind and came running to get in and get buckled.

I was just shocked she would do it in front of her friend -- must mean she was comfortable, at least.

Once everyone was loaded in the car, and calmed down, we headed to town to run an errand and get the kids lunch. We hit up McDonalds so they could eat AND play, running off some built up energy. Not really sure how they do it -- no naps, early wake ups, plenty of playtime around the house, and yet they STILL need to get out and run like crazy!

Once I got word that my friend's husband was home from work, we headed towards her house. The girls had such a great time, and L even had a good time playing superheros and princess, and having a tea party/picnic with the girls. And all three kids have already been asking if its time to have another play-date yet.

Overall, three kids wasn't so bad at all. They all entertained each other, played well, and got along great. Although, I know if they were all my own kids, it wouldn't have worked out that way AT ALL. Props to you Moms would more than one or two little ones to bring with you!


  1. I'm glad that it went well, they all look happy!

  2. Haha!! V and Adr can NEVER keep themselves entertained! I'm about to go outside and see if I can get them to run off some energy. Not holding my breath though.