About Us

Hey There. I'm Ashley.

I am:

a stay-at-home-mom
a wife, sister, daughter & friend
an avid reader, who hasn't finished a book in awhile
a trained ballerina, who happens to be clumsy.

A lover of all things sweet
and a total carnivore.

a day-dreamer, crafter, and wanna-be photographer {who really lacks patience or skill}
a total kid-at-heart.

In short, I'm the mastermind behind this blog.

In 2008, I married this guy {M}. We were young, and in love.
And did the one thing people told us NOT to do.

Five years, and counting ...
M is a medically-retired Marine who currently spends his time tending prison inmates.
Its not fancy. Its not fun. But it pays the bills.
& Someone has to do it!

Together, we have our 2 devil-pups.

S is 4 ... going on 16, most days. 
She's witty, and wise well beyond her years.
 She'll tell you in a heartbeat that she knows she's beautiful.
And then will tell you she gets it from her Daddy.
She's silly and fun ... and a total girl's girl.

L is 1. 
He's a ball of energy from the moment his feet hit the floor. 
All boy. He loves cars and trucks, dirt, and anything he can climb. 
He gets into more mischief than these two kids can dream up in an afternoon. 
But somehow, melts his mama's heart into a big puddle. 
Every time.

this is our little corner of the world.
thanks for joining us!