Our Story

People call us crazy when they hear "our story".

And I guess that's okay. It's not for everyone. Heck, its not for many. But it is for us ... it's our real life. And I wouldn't change a thing.

In 2007, Ashley was a college student in Maine, fresh out of a long relationship. She found herself talking to old high school friends on Myspace [remember that site?!] and not looking for anything or anyone.

Randomly, she got a request from a Marine. As evident by his Dress Blues and serious demeanor. She was sure it had to be someone from class -- an ROTC student or Reservist. But no one knew who he was. On a whim, she sent a message to find out more.

She found out that M had gone through bootcamp with a friend of hers from high school. Talk about small world! They talked occasionally and became friends - end of story.

Or so they thought.

By February 2008, M had put boots in sand, and returned home from his mission. They had both dated sporadically, not finding anything serious or really worth their time or energy.

Ashley finally worked up the nerve and gave M her phone number so they could text each other -- to save herself from classroom boredom, she claimed.

They talked non-stop and by March, those texts turned into phone conversations. And within just a few days, Ashley bought a plane ticket to visit for a week. On a whim. M didn't believe she was serious about the ticket. Until she sent him a copy of the receipt!

From then on, they didn't talk to anyone else. And the communication deepened. By May, Ashley graduated college and hopped on a plane the next day. She flew straight to North Carolina, and greeted that Marine with a kiss. Who could resist -- he showed up in Blues, after all!

He botched his own plans to get down on one knee there in the airport {thanks, stage-fright!!} but slid a ring on her finger quietly on the car ride to Wilmington.

Three days later, they found themselves at the courthouse, saying I do! And promising each other forever.

Neither of them have ever looked back.