30 January 2015

Life is Picking Up

Wow -- is it really Friday already? At least the week went by fast, given that it's a long work week/weekend for M. Which means we have to find our own entertainment while all our friends are spending time together as a family.

We spent most of the week just ... living. Preschool. Dance class. Church. S's "social" schedule these days seems to make up the majority of my time spent out and about, and with summer {somewhat slowly} approaching, it will probably just get busier. With hopeful swimming lessons, and either t-ball or soccer for both kids, it should be plenty of fun, and keep us busy.

M and I also spent some time mattress hunting. We've decided that after almost 7 years of sharing a "full size" bed, its time for an upgrade. Given that our bed is a hand-me-down many times over, and is who knows how old, its long overdue. We have our eyes on a king sized bed ... and are now just patiently waiting until its sitting pretty in our bedroom.

Today should be a good kickoff to the weekend. We're watching a friend's little girl this morning, so the kids will have an extra playmate to keep them company. Running a few errands with 3 kids shouldn't be too difficult. I hope! And then maybe I'll take them to an indoor playground to run off some energy before dropping the little girl off, and sending my little ones to their rooms for some quiet time.

Here's to hoping your week was easy-paced, and relatively stress-free. And that the weekend ahead holds fun times, friends and family, and a relaxing wind-down. Here's to another week ahead!


  1. The best investment we ever made was a King sized bed!

  2. God Bless you that your marriage survived a full size bed. We can barely manage in a queen :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. My parents had a full sized bed for the first 11 years of their marriage. It was a hand me down too. And I remember my brother and I crawling in bed with them. I don't know how we all fit!

  4. I love S's shirt in that first photo! The kids are constantly in our bed, so John wants to upgrade to a king. Not sure if I'm ready for that yet!