05 February 2013

Daddy/Daughter Date Night 2013

Every year, Chick Fil-A puts together a nice little night for Dads and their daughters, of all ages, at most of their restaurants. You have to "make reservations" and bring your reservation with you the night of the dinner, but its always right around Valentines day -- a little date, if you will, to make your little girl feel special.

Last night, M. took our daughter, S. , out to her first Date Night.

Let me tell you -- from the moment she heard about it last week, she has been so incredibly excited! Every morning she would wake up and ask me if it was time for her to go on her date with Daddy. Was today the day for Chick Fil-A? I had to gently let her down and tell her, No, not today ... but soon!

Finally, yesterday I was able to tell her that Yes, after her nap she would be able to get ready and they would go on their date. Then she asked what she was going to wear. I wanted her to feel special, so I put her in a little sweater dress and she looked really cute. But she really wanted to know why she wasnt wearing a wedding dress.

"Because Im going to come home married to Daddy, Mom!"

So sweet!!

When I told her no wedding dress, she was slightly ticked that I wasnt going to let her wear a Disney Princess dress-up dress, either ... but once she had her dress and tights on, she was happy. Of course, she had to wear some make up, too. She wouldn't let me forget that!

They headed out to dinner, and I can only assume they had a great time. I got a couple photo updates on my phone from them and she was grinning from ear to ear!!

When they got home it was all she could talk about!

She told me about her dinner -- a chicken sandwich and a chocolate milkshake -- "that had ice cream IN it, Mom! How neat is that!!" [Her idea of a milkshake is just milk with chocolate ovaltine powder at home! Such a simple girl!] And she told me about their "craft project" -- they painted the girls nails! And each little girl got to take home a single pink rose!

When they were leaving she asked Daddy if she could go get a new storybook ... and who was he to say No after such a fun date! So they went to the book store and he let her pick out two!!

She is still talking about how much fun it was to be out on a date with Daddy last night, how special she felt, and how she cant wait to go again.

Granted, she's also asking me if its next year already, so she can go ... but hey! She's three ... there is no concept of time at that age!!

Do you do any special nights out with your kids?! Do they get to pick where you go, or is it a surprise?! Or do you have more fun planning special nights in, at home?


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