04 February 2013

5 for Five

Another week has come and gone!!

We had a pretty uneventful weekend. M. [my husband] got sent home from work early Saturday morning for having too many hours on the books. The State HATES paying overtime ... and he's already worked a bunch this pay period. So they told him to go home, and just be on-call in case they needed extra help. They never called ... so he wound up off both days, which was nice.

We ran errands Saturday and Sunday we spent our time running around for a few things to take to our friend's superbowl "party". I use that term lightly -- most of the adults corralled around the tv in the kitchen while one mom and I spent our game in the living room with all the kids. But at least this year, we werent the only ones there with kids. At some food, and we were home before the game was even at halftime.

The joys of little ones with a set bedtime! But at least we got out of the house for awhile, and the kids got to run around [and tried to destroy a non-childproofed home]!

Now ... onto our 5 for Five!! 


Last week's goals:

1. Mail out the craft for Marine Parent's Five Dollar Craft SwapI wanted this out before Friday's deadline ... and managed to finally get to the post office by Thursday!

2. Get caught up on laundry ... and STAY on top of itStaying on top of it is the difficult part -- but we got significantly caught up by the end of the week. Of course, over the weekend, we added more laundry,  but nothing more than I cant handle in one day's worth of loads!

3. Clip and organize all my coupons before the weekend hitsDone!! Wish I had done it before grocery shopping -- I found a coupon I definitely could have used for some toilet paper after the fact ... but I've learned my lesson. And I still managed to save some money this week!

4. Finish reading my book: Safe to say, the book is FINISHED!!! It was such a good story, and I really didnt want it to end. At least I am subscribed to her blog. And have her cookbook. And watch her cooking show. Gosh, I love that Pioneer Woman!! I've started another book ... but its not nearly as good. So Im having a hard time just reading on through. Oh well.

5. Play CandyLand at LEAST twice with S. [the oldest pup]This was a fail. Sad, but true. We were out and about a lot this week, with M. home ... and between that and S.'s negative behavior, we couldn't reward her with candyland. We spent good time together -- doing her makeup, painting her nails, reading books ... but no game. Maybe another time, little one.

4 out of 5!! We're doing better ... and Im really surprised at how well I did, given the week that we had. Now, onto this week's 5.

1. Finally call the dentist about L.'s front teeth: The ped. gave us a number of a dentist she knows that does some work with kids and I have yet to call her. The ped's aren't concerned that the teeth came in rotten ... but don't really understand why they look the way they do, either. They have a discolored ridge up near the gum line ... we brush his teeth twice a day and always have. With fluoride toothpaste, too. Grrrr

2. Take L. in for his iron check: At his last checkup, L's iron count was low and they wanted to put him on drops, but figured it might be because of a cold. They told me to bring him in within the next few weeks to get it re-tested. I hate paying a co-pay for something as quick and easy as a finger prick, but gotta do it anyways.

3. Draw a chalkboard design on our board for Valentines: I pretty much have come to terms with the fact that I won't get the house decorated for Valentines day. But at least I can do that much ... and I have a few projects planned for S.

4. Declutter the house: Things randomly find themselves in rooms that they definitely don't belong in. Like kids toys in our master bathroom. Bathroom items in the middle of the kitchen. Cooking utensils in the kids rooms. Thank you, children!! So I need to go around with a big basket, take everything that doesnt belong in each room, and put it in the rooms that it belongs in.

5. Get my sign up form for the Children's Consignment Sale filled out: I had such a good success last time ... I really need to get rid of some of S.'s tiny baby clothes. And there are probably a few other items that I can get rid of too!!

What are your goals for this week?! And remember to head over and link up with Jessica and Jenn!


  1. 4 out of 5 is AWESOME! I'm so excited for you, lady! That's just inspiring. You've got some great goals for the week ahead, too! I hope that you're able to get them all accomplished & I cannot wait to hear how you do next week!

    Good luck & THANKS for linking up with us!

  2. Decluttering is SO hard! Good luck to ya girl!