07 February 2013

Getting Into a Routine

Recently, M. found out he is getting a promotion at work!! I am so ridiculously proud of him! He has only been with the prison system to two and a half years, and is already picking up, not only a new position and title, but also stripes? That's pretty awesome.

Its at a different prison than he's currently working at. But the commute will be no longer than he is currently making. And because of the position, and what it entails, his schedule will become more "normal" than what he has been working.

Which means, for the first time in our marriage, he will be working Monday through Friday, home every day by 4pm. He'll have all weekends off. And paid holidays! We've never had any of that. Even though he had a Monday through Friday job when in the Marine Corps, he also lived in the barracks and I was two hours away. So we were only a "family" all together on the weekends.

This is going to be GREAT!

Now I'm just looking forward to getting into a better routine with the kids. You know, Monday we always do this or go here, Tuesday its this or that. That kind of a routine. Not only will it give the kids something to look forward to each day, but it will get them through the week easier, too. Right now, because M. is working such long days, they don't handle him being gone more than two days in a row before they start melting down and their behavior is affected.

We should get word VERY SOON as to when he'll make the switch, pick up a new title, and head over to the new place. I'm just very hopeful that it's before the end of the month!! I'm ready to get this all started!


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