04 June 2013

La Romana, Dominican Republic

Our second port of our cruise was in the Dominican Republic.

We had asked around a bit about things to do -- and got some pretty negative information. Especially from the Excursions Desk. The exact people who were there to help us figure out what to do and things to enjoy ... and they were telling us if we didn't have an excursion paid for to another part of the island, to not even both debarking the ship.

And when we got into port, we could see why.

The area?! Desolate. Dirty looking. Rough, to say the least.

So M and I spent the morning on the boat. We took the day a minute at a time ... but by lunch time, were ridiculously bored. For a place that seemingly had nothing to do, we were in port for the longest time of our 4 days.

Shortly before lunch, we took the elevator up a few floors and were talking to one of the people working. He was shocked we were still on board, and filled us in: there were two buses right outside the ship -- one going to downtown La Romana, and another to an old private Spanish village, called Chavon. And they were cheap tours -- he said to bypass downtown and just go to Chavon. That we would love it -- it was green and lush and beautiful.

That was the day we learned our lesson: Do NOT listen to the Excursions Desk ... instead, ask around!

Chavon was absolutely beautiful -- we only wish we had known sooner, and were also able to fit in the bus trip to downtown La Romana, as well.


  1. I spent 9 days in the dominican republic in 2004, best place ever! :)