05 June 2013

17 Months Old

Dear L: 

Summer is upon us, and it's clear you are going to be a boy's boy! Already, you love to be outdoors, with practically no clothes on. And always sporting a baseball hat. You run around until you literally fall down, climb in the sand box until there isn't an inch of you covered, and are currently trying to figure out how to climb our big tree in the backyard unassisted. 

You are quite the brave little boy. 

We took you and your sister down to Jacksonville recently, and you loved being on the beach. So much sand! You ran around with pails and shovels, looking at shells and digging as much as we let you. You snacked on your favorite -- watermelon. And didn't seem to mind if it was coated in sand. It was juicy and sweet -- and you couldn't get enough! 

But you weren't quite sure what to think about the water. It was a little on the colder side -- but even in calm, ankle deep water, you weren't a big fan. Unless, of course, Mommy picked you up and carried you out a ways with her. Then you giggled every time a wave crashed into our legs. You pretended to jump the waves while still sitting in my arms. Such a sweet boy. 

You still love your "Doo Doo" at bedtime and cannot go to sleep without snuggling that dog. He goes everywhere you do lately. And thank you -- you've been napping a lot better, and sleeping great at night! I knew you could do it. If we keep this pattern up, everyone will be happy and well rested! 

Thank you for being my sweet snugly boy. For being so generous with your kisses ... and for giggling at the silly faces I make. Your giggle melts my heart. Thank you for sitting through stories at bedtime, but clinging to me for a tight hug just before laying down. Thank you for blowing me kisses ... and telling my bye-bye as I leave your room for the night. 

And thank you, for being my boy! You won't be little for much longer, as fast as you are growing. But you will always be my boy! 

I love you, always --