06 June 2013

Our Weekend Away

My husband knows that I have grown tired of living in the one-horse town that we are currently in.

When we got married, being military was a perk -- I was excited that every few years, we would be able to move somewhere different and experience new places and faces. Always moving. Always changing. And then we got medically retired. Don't get me wrong -- it has been a blessing in it's own way, and something we don't take for granted.

But because of it ... we are still in this little town of non-fun.

When all I really want is to be that much closer to the beach. I figure if I'm going to live in a state with a much warmer climate than I grew up in, I might as well take advantage and journey to the beach as often as possible, right?!

But living here, its at least a two hour drive. One way. Its not like I can just pack the kids up whenever M is working and trek on down to spend the morning, and be home by naps.

But M knows that in my heart of hearts, the beach is calling my name. So he decided that we would get away for the weekend and call the beach our temporary home.

{And secretly, I was hoping to spend the weekend convincing him of all the wonderful qualities of the surrounding areas, in hopes of swaying him to my line of thinking ... so we could move ... sooner than later!}

So we loaded into the car and took off for Onslow Beach!

We had a great weekend -- the kids played until they couldn't play. And then they slept. And slept hard. They saw friends they haven't seen in months. Got dirty. Giggled and laughed. And loved their time away, as well.

I'm already looking forward to another weekend down that way ... hopefully soon!


  1. What an awesome weekend and you can never go wrong with a beach weekend. :)