07 June 2013

Friends Forever ... Despite the Miles

As I mentioned yesterday, we spent last weekend visiting with friends down at Camp Lejeune. And no one was more excited for the visit than these two little girls!

All the time, S is asking what her best friend, R, is doing. And when can we go see her!?

Within seconds of seeing each other, these two were up to their old ways. They ran off playing, pushing baby dolls around, racing each from one end of the house to the other.

They chased after chickens and goats. Played house in the backyard. Took turns riding bicycles. Got a bubble bath together. And snuggled up on the couch afterward to watch a cartoon before we headed to bed.

They went out to breakfast together. Hit up the beach, lounging on towels like two little teenage girls. They jumped waves, dug in the sand, found seashells, and chased each other all day long.

And as soon as we all parted ways, they each missed each other already. They always do.

Hopefully soon the distance will shorten between us, and we'll be able to visit a lot more often. But for now, these girls keep their memories fresh in their minds! And the next time we see them, these girls will pick up exactly where they left off.

Just like the best friendships do!


  1. As adults I know it's hard to leave friend but I can't imagine the impact it has on kids.