05 July 2013

To the Movies She Will Go

Recently, my father in law asked if he could take S to her first movie outing.

She has been in love with Disney movies here at home lately, and finally seems to be at an age where she can sit still through a whole movie.

Although I was a little sad at first, not being able to go along for her first one, I relented and said it would be okay. As mom, I want to be there for all the firsts ... not just the walking, talking, and that sort of thing. But ... everything.

But I also know that I have another little one at home that is not at an age yet where he can sit through a movie without tormenting everyone else in the theater. So I opted to stay at home with him while his sister got to experience Monster University with her Pappy.

Unfortunately, her "send-off" wasn't as happy and exciting as we had hoped for. S fell asleep during quiet time, but hadn't taken a full nap, so she was clingy [to mom, only!] and grouchy!

But apparently, that bad mood quickly went away. She loved her popcorn -- and the movie! And was even treated to a Happy Meal afterwards for dinner. And ice cream for dessert! A full dinner and movie kind of date! And in the days since, she has not stopped talking about the movie -- the characters, different scenes. Things they were doing. She really loved it!

What a lucky girl!


  1. Awww! I'm so glad that she had a good time. Such a fun outing.

  2. We took Emalyn (and Jonah, he was quieter than most kids in there!) and she loved it. It definitely was one of the better kids movies out there.