29 October 2013

At-Home Preschool: One Month Down

We are now a month into our "preschool at home" work. And things are going quite well. 

We got a little behind for a bit -- not only did we hit a few snags, but we also started later in the month, due to company visiting. However, the past week or so, we've really been on a roll. 

S can now write her letter A ... and can easily recognize it anywhere she sees it. She is always bringing things up to me and pointing them out. 

She also can recognize the numbers 1-12 when we are out and about and see them {shopping aisles, gas pumps, etc.}. Although only number 1 was on this month's curriculum, because she knows how to count to 20, we just point them out as we go along, and she is absorbing it all. 

We finally found and picked up some bingo daubers to help with hand-eye coordination, and as a fun practice for recognizing letters. 

As you can see -- the kids both got a little carried away AFTER they got finished with the activity {well ... S did the activity. L just got carried away, from the beginning!}

S can now write the letter A. And draw circles. And we've talked the subject of apples to death! And its the perfect time of year for that -- not only have we made apple pie, but both the kids were able to get in on a fun themed project, as well. 

How cute are these? I can't wait to frame them! 

All we did was paint the kids hands in green acrylic paint and press it onto paper. Once it dried, we did the red apples by pressing their fingers into stamping ink. Again, once everything was dry, we painted a quick free hand trunk. It was quick. Easy. The kids had fun. And clean up was a breeze {since baby wipes clean the paint right away!}. 

I can't wait to see what fun things we make in the next month! 

What fun fall projects are you working on at home? 


  1. Love the apple trees! Super cute! We made some cute little ghosts today for a Halloween party. I need to figure out some Thanksgiving crafts to do since that is next up!