28 October 2013

The Good ... The Bad ... and the Recap

Happy Monday !!

So, there's a little bit of good news ... a little bit of bad news ... and a weekend recap going on around here. 

The good news?! My beloved NE Pats pulled out a win this weekend! I wasn't able to watch the game -- and I've heard there were some "bogus" calls from the refs in favor of Brady, but last week the refs were not in our favor, and calls we made and we lost. So ... you win some, you lose some. And this week?! We Won! 

But the bad news?! 

I didn't take pictures. Of anything, at all, this weekend. Bad blogger, right there! I guess I was too busy living the moment, and didn't think about trying to capture it for posterity's sake. I'll do better next time ... I promise! 

Anyways -- it was another nice, albeit laid back, weekend around here. 

Friday morning was fun. 

There is a local movie theater that shows movies a little after they have hit the big premiere theaters, so ticket costs are much lower! But this weekend, they were showing two kids Halloween movies in the morning for free. I took both the kids by myself and we went to go see Hotel Transylvania

Afterward, we stopped by my father-in-law's store and had a quick lunch before coming home for some playtime and naps. 

Friday night, M was still out hunting until late, so the kids and I had good ole' breakfast-for-supper {their favorite!} and we popped popcorn afterward to curl up with a movie. Cinderella was on Disney, so we took advantage. The kids loved being able to stay up a little bit later! 

Saturday morning we had to do a little baby shower shopping for a last minute shower we were invited to. Can I just say -- if I didn't already have a preview of what baby girls turn into down the road, I would want another one ASAP! But I think the girly over-drama of our oldest, although she may be sweet and kind and funny, too, is enough for this family! 

Either way, we found some cute things, and the Mom-to-be enjoyed them, as we did the small shower. 

Saturday evening it was the kids and I, again, so after baths, we popped some more popcorn, turned on Netflix and settled in to watch another movie. They chose Curious George 2 this time, and I was happy it wasn't a princess movie! Although L seems to enjoy them, because of the music, I like to switch it up now and then and let him watch something less girly! 

Sunday morning's sermon at church was a good one. An I'm-almost-in-tears kind of good. M wasn't as big of a fan, since it was an associate Pastor, but it really spoke to me as a Mom, and woman, in today's critical and judgmental society. Really glad for that. 

Afterward, we came home, had lunch, the kids and I baked some cookies as a thank-you for a friend, and we cleaned a little bit up. The rest of the day was pretty typical -- cooking, cleaning, child-rearing. And finally ... bedtime! 

How was your weekend? 
Did you find anything fun to do -- or did the fun find you?


Last week's goals?! They were a little hit or miss, to be honest. 

I read The Purpose Driven Life. I didn't get to the post office. We enjoyed our play-date with MOPS friends at the Pumpkin Patch {where we got a hay ride, lots of fresh air, a child-sized maze, the actual pumpkin patch, and had a picnic lunch with friends. But in true fashion, S spent a lot of her time looking for, and flirting with, some of the older boys! We're in for it, with that one!} The kids enjoyed painting their pumpkins the next day to decorate the house. And we didn't really get around to baking the things we wanted to, even though we did wind up making some cookies yesterday! 

But ... 

It's a new week. A new day. And there are new goals {and an old one} ... 

1. Mail out packages 
2. Get to the park at least once 
3. Clean the house top to bottom in prep for S's birthday party 
4. Finish buying and wrapping all the birthday gifts 
5. Trick or Treating 

There is a holiday this week -- so it should be a fun one. And with a certain little girl's 4th birthday on the other side of this week, it will be busy and full ... hopefully everything gets done on time, with little stress! 

What are your goals this week? 


  1. Sounds to me like you had a pretty good weekend! There were definitely some bogus calls in the NE game.

  2. We had a great weekend! I have a hard time remembering to take photos also! Especially now, since my camera on my phone is broken. It's kind of a pain to lug around a huge camera.