25 October 2013

Then and Now

Its been a few years since we took the kids to an actual pumpkin patch. Last year, we knew a local farmer/neighbor who was growing some in his personal garden and he gave us a couple for the kids. 

They didn't pick out the ones they wanted. There was no wagon ride out to the patch, or any of the other fun activities that the "full experience" patch offers. 

The year before? 2011? I couldn't tell you what our excuse was. I know we went to Maine in October ... and I was getting pretty big and miserable, pregnant with L and all. But I don't think we had a real excuse ... we just ... sorta ... didn't go! 

So we really were looking forward to taking the kids this year. So much in fact, that they got to go twice. Once as a whole family, and another time this past week with our MOPS group for some fun with friends. 



S will be 4 in a week ... and we only have two of these pictures. But look at that comparison. Man ... where has the time gone? 


  1. Yay for pumpkin patches, I am ready to go to another one. :)

  2. She looks so pleased to be at the pumpkin patch!