30 October 2013

Welcoming Back The "Two's" to Our Home

L is officially making his way into the two's ... 

Just yesterday, he: 

- threw a tantrum at the park because I wanted him to play on the structure, run, slide and climb. And wouldn't do it myself while carrying him. 

- tried to bite me while I was brushing his teeth. 

- told me NO more times than I can count. When asked anything

- asked for a "treat" and when I told him there was no candy, but M had a honey bun left from work that the kids could share, he went crazy! As in, bad kind of crazy. He was so pissed. Eventually he calmed down and ate it, and then wanted play dough, but wouldn't let go of the snack. 

- of course that means he threw another mini fit because he had to wait to get some play dough. 

- clamped his mouth SHUT and wouldn't eat dinner. Homemade sweet and sour chicken with pineapple over rice. He likes all of it, too. He just kept taking handfuls and molding the rice and trying to throw it on the floor. I didn't want to be up with him all night thanks to an empty stomach so I warmed up some mini pancakes for him afterwards. He ate 7! And a small bowl of cereal. 

- and yea -- he was up three times last night. Twice within an hour of each other. The third time because he had peed out the leg of his diaper {no matter how well I secure the tabs!} and soaked his pants and his sheet. For the second time this week. I feel like I am dealing with a little baby all over again! 

I thought this go-around with the two's would be easy. I mean, hey -- been there, done that, right?! WRONG! No only is each child different, but the relationship you have with each of them is different {and they will take advantage of that!}, and their moodiness orchestrates itself differently. Twos are just a bundle of fun, no matter what. I'm telling you! 

I was exhausted last night. Every time I fell asleep, it was a real deep sleep. And then of course, L would wake up. So when my alarm went off this morning, I went out to the living room, turned on a show like normal ... and wound up falling asleep. So hard, in fact, that my husband took a picture of me with my mouth WIDE OPEN! {Thanks Love ... I'll get you back some day!!} 

This next year should be a blast -- S is already dramatic and dealing with behavior issues of her own. And throwing a newly-turned-two-year-old into that mix?! 

Its time to really dig deep and find that joy among the chaos!! 


  1. Hugs friend! Hope it gets easier.

  2. Oh boy!! This to shall pass, right? It all just takes extra patience and hope some days will be better than others. They sure are cute though!