31 October 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, Everyone! 
Hopefully everyone will have a safe and fun evening, whatever plans you may have. 

I always love to look back at pictures and see how much my kids have grown and changed since the same time the previous year. So today, what better way to do that then to look at pictures of past Halloween costumes?! 

S was due in late October, but true to form, decided to take her time. I remember that Halloween -- I sat with my fingers {and legs} crossed, hoping and praying she wouldn't make 10/31 her birthday! We lucked out, and she held off. Actually ... she would have held off longer on her own, since they decided to induce me at 41 weeks 2 days. 

But we already had bought a teeny tiny Halloween outfit for her -- and I just couldn't resist. Who doesn't love a tiny baby pumpkin, right? 

Man, how much she has grown!

In 2010, we were getting ready to celebrate S's first birthday at Halloween time. Because she was so little, and didn't really need the candy, we opted out of trick or treating. But still got her a costume and went to a couple local holiday festivals. She loved the cows we had at our house at the time {we lived on our landlord's beef farm} so what better costume?! 

Halloween 2011 I was pregnant with L. By that point, I was getting large. And miserable. {we eventually found out why -- he was HUGE and LONG!} but that didn't stop us. S got all dressed up and we did both trick or treat on base, as well as at the mall. It was our first AND LAST mall experience. Talk about un-organized madness! We all left stressed out and not wanting to ever go back. 

But at least she made a cute lobster!! 

2012 was interesting. S woke up for the day feeling fine. But by dinner time, was starting to feel warm, not wanting to eat and was getting cranky. I was worried she was getting some kind of bug, so we chose to stay home. She was sad! A little while later, we found out the real culprit -- her mouth hurt because molars were cutting through the gums. Poor girl. With some tylenol, her fever broke, and she was starting to perk up. We left the choice up to her -- and she wanted to put on her costume. But we still decided not to drive all the way to base, and stuck to just a handful of homes near us. 

She may not have been cheering for the RIGHT team {nothing but Patriots in this house} but she still made a cute little cheerleader! 

And her little brother even got to tag along. His first ever Halloween -- and he was already walking! That little one grew up too fast, too. But didn't he make the cutest little dragon? 

This year, both of the kids are eagerly anticipating heading out tonight to base and getting their bags filled with treats. And even better, this year, Daddy will get to come with us. The first year he has EVER been able to go to organized trick or treating! We're all looking forward to it! 

Do you have a favorite costume from your past?! 
Any Halloween's that didn't as planned?! 


  1. Awwww! Love these super cute costumes.

  2. I hope you had a wonderful night, with the hubby included!!! Such cute costumes! I love seeing the posts about how the kids have grown.