01 November 2013

Tomorrow, I Will Be the Mother of a Four Year Old!

Here we are -- already waking up on November 1st. The year has seriously flown by! 

And now, there are only 24 hours separating us from having a four year old in the house. It honestly doesn't seem possible. 

I remember being pregnant -- and enjoying the easiest pregnancy, minus some bouts of nausea, that I had ever heard of. I remember reaching that October, the month I was "due" and getting so excited, and nervous, at the same time. We were going to be PARENTS! 

I remember hanging around that Halloween, hoping and praying that if my child was going to come on her own, that she waited just a little bit longer to do so. And I remember waking up early on Monday morning to head to the hospital. I couldn't sleep ... and only now do I wish that I had done anything to convince myself it was necessary! 

I remember them laying her on my chest, and it finally hitting me that this little girl was coming home with us. And staying with us. Forever. 

Time has flown since that day, four years ago. We've laughed, we've cried. And we've learned a lot in between. We're still learning every day. How to survive, how to enjoy, how to live better and love stronger. How to cherish each moment that we are given, no matter how bleak or chaotic some of those moments may be. 

It still amazes me ... I am really the mom of a 4 YEAR OLD! {Well ... I will be tomorrow at 12:15pm!} 

Over the past few weeks, though -- all that little girl could think about was her birthday! Who was coming, what were they going to bring her ... and could it all be Barbie, please?! 

Of course, she's quite the silly one, though -- so every time I asked her what she wanted for gifts, she gave me a handful of useful answers, with some bogus gifts thrown in for good measure. 

See what I mean? 

One day she told me, in a list, that she wanted: 

1. Vanilla Ice Cream
2. A Ghost Costume
3. Some Doc McStuffins toys 
4. A new Baby Doll 
5. Boxes to Climb In 
6. Lots of Kisses and 
7. Barbies. Lots and lots of Barbies. 

I also overheard her telling her brother that she was going to get 85 gifts this birthday, but he was only getting one. Because it was her birthday and not his. So sorry. 

He is getting one. She, however, is not getting 85. More like 4 from us, and however many the rest of our friends and family happen to give her. 

Oh yea ... and lots of kisses. That one, we can guarentee! 
Happy Birthday, S. You are growing up fast, but you are growing up sweet. And we love every moment we are given with you! 


  1. Happy birthday S! I hope she has a great day tomorrow!

  2. Time does seen to fly by ridiculously fast when it comes to kids! It's so sad how fast they grow up. Happy birthday to your sweet precious baby girl! May she get all the Barbies she asked for and 85 gifts. Lol