04 November 2013

What a Weekend!

Happy Monday Morning, Everyone! 

My hope is that everyone had a great weekend -- found something fun to do, enjoyed the beginning of November, and spent their time with the people they really love the most! If you weren't able to, you'll get another chance in just a few days!! 


We spent our Friday cleaning. Top to bottom. I had to get this house in order for S's birthday party, so even though I started feeling junky from a sinus cold/infection that has bogged us all down, I had no chance to rest. My morning was spent on my hands and knees, scrubbing the floors, washing cupboard doors, and clearing corners of clutter and mess. 

Can I just say -- it's the best feeling when all is said and done, and you can stand back and see all your hard work paying off?! The kitchen looked better than it did the day we moved in! I'd say that's progress! 

That evening, after dinner, we took the kids to a Fall Festival in town. We were told it would be good fun entertainment at the local school. With plenty for everyone. Unfortunately, whomever told us wasn't really aware of what the event was really supposed to be. They had tickets for sale, and some kid-run games in different classrooms -- it was more of a fundraiser for the school itself. But our kids were at least able to check out the firetrucks they had there, see the lights and get some little fire helmets to take home. They were over the moon just from that! 


Saturday was the big day. We got some last minute cleaning bits done around the house, gave the kids a bath and waited for everyone to arrive! By 11am, the party was in full swing, and S was loving having some friends here to play with and enjoy her birthday. We had pizza and lemonade. The kids loved tossing around balloons -- I'm pretty sure it was the highlight of their day! 

We opened S's gifts -- she was so excited to get lots of Barbies, some makeup, a new pair of earrings, and a few books. After opening her presents, and thanking everyone, we cut into the cake and ice cream. 

We spent a little more time visiting with everyone before they left and the kids went down for a nap. Late afternoon, after they got up, we made a few family phone calls so S could speak to family that wasn't able to be here for her Birthday, and then took the big girl out to her birthday dinner of her choice: Cracker Barrel. 

It was a great day! 


Sunday was church day, like usual. We're experiencing a junior pastor this month, as our normal pastor is on a 5 week sabbatical for the first time in his 23 year career at our church. He's not ... bad. But its just ... different. Not only has sermon been much shorter than we are used to ... but it hasn't drawn us in as much, either. I love the message {Perfect} and it's not really Pastor Jared's fault ... he just has to find his groove, so to speak. He's still working on it. 

After church, we headed to town to get M a haircut. While we were there, last minute, we toyed with the idea of getting L's haircut finally. We've been needing to do it for awhile, but haven't made the hour long drive to the nearest child's place around us. So, we bit the bullet and sat him on M's lap at the base barber -- and he surprised us all! He did GREAT! And looks like such a big boy!! 

The woman who cut it thought I was going to be emotional and really break down. She asked if I wanted tissues, and gave me some hair to keep. The keepsake was nice ... but the tissues were unnecessary. If there's one thing I am not sentimental about, it's hair. It always grows back!! Right?! 


Overall, it was a very nice weekend. The weather cooperated and we were able to spend a lot of time together, celebrating family. In fact, because of M's work schedule this week, we get an extra day together today! 

Last week's goals were very successful. We made it to the post office, and to the park. Twice. Clearly, everything got taken care of for the birthday party, and we were able to head out Thursday evening for some trick or treating on base. Successful week, right there. 

This week, our goals are: 

1. Feel better. We've all been dealing with some sinus issues and are hoping to kick it this week. 
2. Enjoy a glass of wine. 
3. Spend one evening solo with each of the kids -- even if its just a half hour at bedtime.
4. Clean and organize our bedroom. 
5. Start shopping for stocking stuffers. 

Most of my Christmas shopping is done -- at least as far as the kids are concerned. Now its time to focus on the fun little things that stuff their stockings!! 

What are your goals this week? 


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