12 September 2013


I've lived in this town/area for the past 5 years. 

And had kids for almost 4 of that. 

And I can count the number of females I hang out with regularly on less than one hand. It's sad ... but I've had a hard time around here making lasting relationships. I've talked about it before -- maybe its because I want to get to know people as myself, and not as "M's wife". Being an outsider in a really small town creates a bit of a complex, and sometimes, its hard to break out of that. 

But I finally got tired of it. I figure if we aren't moving just yet {and really we don't know when we will, since it requires M finding just the right job in a very specific location} I might as well try to break out of my shell, and put the kids out there, as well. 

So recently, we bit the bullet and registered for this coming year of MOPS {Moms of PreSchoolers}. 

The kids always do great in those kinds of situations -- they love to play, make friends easily, and make the best of any situation. 

But to say I was nervous walking into that building is a complete understatement. I actually had the whole "butterflies in my stomach" feeling just driving there. 

I pushed passed that all, though. I went. We filled out paperwork. The kids bounced, got their faces painted, and ran around wild. I knew one woman there already from church and town {and she knows M from high school} so it was a little better to see a familiar face. Otherwise, I knew no one. Recognized a few from the Base Library Story-time. 

And am hopeful in getting to know many others. 

Hopefully this will be a good year for us -- between twice-monthly meetings, play dates, and Mom's Night Out occasionally, it should be just what I need to help break up some of the monotony. 

And give me just a little break from the kids once in awhile! I'm looking forward to it! 

Have you ever been to a MOPS meeting? 
What was your experience -- yay or nay? 


  1. I went to the first MOPS meeting yesterday! I had been once last year when we first moved here but I didn't join since it was so close to end of the semester. I was also nervous walking in yesterday but I had a great time and everyone was so friendly! I think the theme is awesome this year and I'm really looking forward to it!

  2. I'm so glad you signed up for this, I know a lot of Mom's that love it. :)

  3. Yayyy!! It sounds wonderful! When we go to the story times at the library, I don't know anyone either, and actually prefer to sit there alone while the kids play or craft or whatever. I'm really looking forward to finding something like this for us!

  4. Awesome! I haven't done MOPS but I have done the local "Meetup" mom group. It's been good for me but it took quite a few sessions for me to be comfortable. Keep going!