13 September 2013

She has a WHAT?!

I've always had completely open and honest dialogue with S -- regardless of her age. Its something my Mom did with me -- and I just really appreciated it. I knew I could always talk to her about ANYTHING. No matter how bad the topic was, and I'd always get a straight answer. 

It's my goal to ALWAYS be that way with our kids. No matter how embarrassed M gets at times. {Yes ... I think he'd prefer I told them about the birds and the bees in those terms ... instead of anatomical terms. But that's not gonna fly in this house.} 

So anyways ... Its safe to say, S has always known she's a girl where it matters most. And exactly what her parts are called. We don't sugar coat things, although she has shortened it lately to 'gina! ;) 

But the other day, as we were leaving Walmart, she made me stop DEAD IN MY TRACKS! 

I was back to, buckling L into his carseat, I heard S mutter, "I have a penis."

Ummm ... huh?! 

I shrugged the comment off, and continued what I was doing. Until I turned around, and saw what she was doing. 

Again, she said, "Look. I do, I have a penis."

She was standing just right, and watching her shadow. She had held her hands in such a way, unintentionally, that it gave her a bulge. 

And not only was it there ... but she was shaking her hips, so it looked like she was trying to pee on the ground -- gyrating and waving about. 

I didn't know if I should laugh ... or cry. 

I guess I was just glad no one was within earshot of that conversation. 

Don't be fooled -- the girl knows she's a girl, her brother is a boy, and that there is a very clear difference. I guess ... sometimes kids are just kids?! Either way ... she definitely brought some color to my face. 

So thanks, S. I hate spending the entire day with pale face. But remember, a little red goes a long way! ;)


  1. Hahaha!! I'm a dying laughing right now!!! OMG child!! At least it wasn't in front of a whole bunch of people. I have yet to muster up the courage to use the v word. Lol

  2. HAHA i remember you saying something about that on twitter, so I'm glad you wrote the full story! too funny.

  3. Hahahaha oh that is hysterical!