11 September 2013

A Growing Vocabulary

{Gosh, he looks so much like baby pictures of his Daddy here ...} 

I'm not really sure if it's just coincidence, or not ... but lately, the more we are around other kids, the more L has seemed to be saying new words and stringing two words together here and there. 

All week we were with family for a funeral and tying up all the loose ends that come along with that territory. Which meant that our kids were with 11 of their cousins for 3 days straight [and then some!]. 

L's vocabulary seems to have almost doubled just since the beginning of the week. 

Now, he'll tell you: 

"Get Youuuuu!" when he wants you to chase him for tickles. 

"Love Love Love" as his way of saying love you!


"Grandma/Gramps" when he is talking about family members. 

"Pick" with his arms stretched up, when he wants you to pick him up and carry him. 

"Uh oh!" any time he drops something, spills something, falls down, or something happens that he knows isn't supposed to. 

And he'll tell you the names of his cousins that he's been playing with a lot lately -- Cruz, Mia, La La [Lachlan], Liam ... its cute. And so cute watching them all play together! 

He's also starting to repeat some of his colors -- yellow, green, blue, purple. And when asked what comes after one, he always responds "Twoooooo!" and gets really excited! 

It's so cute to see how much more he's starting to talk -- and the cute little things that are coming out of him!! 

I love that little boy! 


  1. Awww yay, it's so fun hearing little ones learn new words. :)

  2. It is so exciting when they finally start talking!

  3. Older kids really do make an impression on the little ones. Good and bad! Haha. Your son is at that age where he will change so quickly into a big boy! It seems to happen over night. I'm glad you all got family time even though the situation was less than desirable.