11 May 2013

Recapping our Cruise

Over the next couple of weeks, I thought I would recap our trip on the Carnival Breeze. We really had a great time, and although we missed the kids a ton, we cannot wait to go on another cruise and see a new set of islands.


Saturday. April 27. 730am.

The morning did NOT start out the way we were hoping. We were just getting ready and about to run out the door when we realized we couldn't find the car keys. For some reason, I checked my phone real quick [force of habit ... email/texts/IG/etc] and noticed I had a text from my father in law.

He was using our Hummer for the week. And had come to get it the night before. Somehow ... he wound up with BOTH our sets of vehicle keys. Which meant he had the car keys.

And he was already at work. With no one to cover for him!

Luckily, he managed to get the boss to come in for a few minutes while he ran the keys to us. But as soon as we got the keys, we realized that we didn't know where the power cord for the GPS was. So we were all stressed out and on edge. After we found that, we did our quick, albeit sad, goodbyes with the kids.

We thought L was going to be the tough cookie ... and he fussed a little bit. But as soon as my Mom started making him some breakfast, he was okay. S was the hard one. No matter how much we had talked about it before hand, she completely broke down, even making her Daddy cry.

We finally got out the door, and it was relatively smooth sailing from that point on. Traffic was minimal. The airport wasn't busy. And our flight was on time. We got into Fort Lauderdale, got our bags, found our transportation and waited for the bus to the docks.

Unfortunately, we got a driver who didn't know how to drive ... or speak much english. And the transportation was horrendous. But we made it in, just in time. Check in time was from 1-3pm ... and we got to the docks shortly after 230pm. Nothing like sliding in under the wire!

We grabbed a quick lunch and set off to explore before they delivered our bags to the room. By 6pm, we were ready for a real meal and looking forward to dinner, which was great. And that creme brulee was to die for -- but we were so physically drained we just couldn't enjoy it.

And I wound up in the room for the rest of the evening. Asleep by 730pm. I'm such a partier, I tell ya! Matthew went up to the casino for a little bit and won some money on the $0.25 slots before coming back and going to bed by 930pm.

We're wild animals, folks! Seriously.

It was a really long day of travel and stress and emotional goodbyes. But that king sized bed?! Just the thing the doctor ordered! And I slept like a baby.

{Until 4am the next morning ... when I was wide awake and ready to start the day ... but everyone else was still asleep!}


  1. We got off of the Liberty on the 27th and saw the Breeze in port. I can't wait to read all about it! We're looking forward to our next cruise!

  2. So amazing!!! :) I would love to go on a cruise.