10 May 2013

Friday Funnies are No Longer Strictly "Funnies"

**Let me preface this by saying: Normally, on Fridays, I post some of the funny things S has said over the course of the previous week. Although she still keeps pumping out the comic relief by the barrel, I have decided to change up how I go about my Friday posts.

From here on, Fridays will still be devoted to S. The things she says and does. Whether it be funny, sweet, or downright ANNOYING! And Wednesdays will be devoted to L. His monthly updates for the next little while, what things he's learning and figuring out. Sweet stories or funny moments. **


Now ... onto this Friday's, well ... I guess it's still a little funny.

What a grocery list would look like if a 3 year old was in charge:

- "hamburger mints"
- hot dog-raisin "mella" bars [granola bars]
- marshmallows
- coffee

Tell me -- what 3 year old needs coffee? I know she *loves* the taste of iced coffee ... but she definitely doesn't need any help in the energy department, that's for sure!

As for her version of a yummy granola bar, I'm not too sure we'll be seeing a hotdog/raisin combination hitting the market any time soon. Gross.

But yes -- the other day, as I was writing out my list for the grocery store, S sat down beside me and asked if I would add a few things that she needed to the list.

Intrigued, I said sure, just wondering what she could possibly want! We wound up getting some granola bars, but none containing hot dogs and raisins, that's for sure. Sometimes I really wonder about that girl!!


  1. haha thats great! my husband keeps letting our 2 yo take sips of his iced coffee..have a feeling that might be coming out of her mouth soon too! too cute!

  2. haha I love her grocery list. :)