28 March 2014

2014 Goals: March Update

Here we are -- the tail end of March. Supposedly we are in the early days of spring, even though half the country still feels like winter has come and will never leave. This has been the worst "winter" I have experienced since moving to North Carolina, and I can't say I'll be sad to see it go. Between the up and down temperatures that do nothing more than tease the kids, and the rain that comes on the warmer days, still keeping us from running free outside, its safe to say I will be more than happy when I no longer look at the day's "high" and see 40s or 30s. Soon, very soon!

This month seemed to fly by, following the pattern set by the other two months of 2014 so far. And its hard to believe its almost come and gone. We welcomed the month by sitting at the doctor's office, believing one little one had a possible broken finger -- thankfully, we were wrong, and she was just slightly sore, albeit dramatic. I cleaned poop off the floor, spent as much time outside in the sun as possible, and snuggled with a little boy who couldn't seem to kick a fever, for some reason or another. Another doctor's appointment brought us to the operating room, as S got tubes placed in her ears, and we spent a glorious weekend relaxing in Jacksonville. It wasn't the most exciting month, spending a good portion of it back and forth with doctors, but we got through it, no worse for wear.

We lived. We laughed. And we loved whole-heartedly. Through it all.

So ... the question remains: How did our 2014 Goals go for March?

I stuck by what I set forth in February: I didn't hold myself to such a high standard. I relaxed. I did what I felt needed to be done, when I found the time to do it. And everything in between just ... happened. I didn't rush to get this and that accomplished in as fast a time as I could. I was only burning myself out, and suffering, not getting able to reap the benefits of all that hard work. This month, I realized more and more why my goals are perfect for this month. Stopping to open my eyes and simply enjoy; stopping to focus more on the world around me.

I took care of myself much better in March. I focused on my health. My new medication kicked in, and did it's job to level things out -- and I can say I felt the best I've felt in a long time. Although I didn't find myself at the gym this month, or hitting play on the DVD player, like I should have, I took the steps to ensuring that my mind was just as health as the rest of my body. Because what good is a fit and toned body if you aren't happy enough to enjoy it, right?

And I spent more time focusing on the things I enjoy. When nicer weather found us, I sat outside, soaking up the sunlight, while the kids ran and played. Thumbing through a magazine, and listening to their cheery squeals and giggles was more than enough medicine on those days. I got my nails painted -- and although it wasn't my own idea to have it done, I enjoyed it while it lasted. And now, every time I look down at the color on my fingers, no matter how much it has chipped and started to wear, I am taken back to the fun we had that weekend, the time we spent with friends, the sunshine and the breeze. And I can smile.

And because I was feeling happier, and healthier, I was able to focus more on my family and give them the time and attention they all deserve so much. Whether it meant early morning snuggles on the couch, while Mickey Mouse played in the background, or getting out of bed in the middle of the night to give a million and one reassuring hugs and kisses before laying a little one back to sleep. It also meant getting off the computer. Getting off the couch. Stopping the show that was playing. Tuning in to just listen, to be there, completely present. These little moments that pass so quickly -- they are what life is made of. The moments that matter the most. And this month, I stopped to appreciate them as much as possible.

I spent half the month focusing on taking care of all the little things that I could get done -- one area at a time, going through everything and downsizing all our possessions. Getting rid of what we don't use, don't like or don't want. Selling clothes the kids can't fit into anymore. I made connections with other Moms and realized I really am not alone in this mothering thing. We had play dates, that were just as beneficial for the kids as it was for me. I took the time to slow down, to finish listening to that great song on the radio, even though I was already in the drive way, to savor that last bite of cake -- even though I knew I didn't really need it. To soak up all the extra daylight hours of sun that this new time has allowed us.

Overall, March was a good month. It may not have been thrilling for some -- we didn't travel to exotic locations or go on extravagant dates. We didn't buy worldly possessions or spend frivolously. We didn't meet celebrities or shake hands with politicians. But for us? For our family, March was glorious. We were in good health, although the doctors appointments might appear otherwise. Our home was warm, full of food, and laughter. And most important, this home was full of the ones that I love, the ones I cherish the most.

If nothing else, that's what I'll take from March. That's what I'll remember the most! 


  1. I'm so glad March was a good month to you. :) Here is hoping April is even better.

  2. I'm glad this month was good. I, too, realized after some play dates and connecting with some other moms this month that I'm not the only one! You're doing great!