10 March 2014

Sunshine, Fresh Air, and More Glorious Sunshine: Our Weekend in Review

What an absolutely gorgeous weekend we had! The weather: sunshine, warm temperatures. Spring was definitely in the air -- we got a taste and loved it. And now we only want MORE! We spent Saturday morning running a few errands around town, and after lunch and naps, spent the entire afternoon outside, basking in the rays. The kids ran and played, got their hands {exceptionally} dirty, and laughed the whole time! We spent the evening at a friend's house, playing with the kids, and snuggling their 2-month-old little girl. It definitely brought back memories of when mine were that little, and snuggle-y. Because of the time change, and a horrible night of sleep, we were all thrown way off Sunday morning, and decided to take a week off from church. So we spent our time getting more fresh air. We spent three ours running around outside, took a break for lunch and a short nap, and headed back out for another two hours in the evening. The later sunset definitely has it's advantages! And we plan to enjoy it. Fully.

How was your weekend? Was the weather all that you hoped for? 


  1. I'm so glad you had nice weather, it definitely makes weekends that much better. :)

  2. The weather has surprisingly been a little warmer up here in New England too! Adorable pics of the kids playing outside!