06 March 2014

Thursday's Thoughts

TTGood copy

- I'm looking forward to our overnight getaway in a couple weeks. Sure, we're only going 2 hours away, back to Jacksonville, for one night. But still. It gets us out of our area, and back where we want to be. Plus, we get to see a few friends, the kids get to spend time with their friends at a birthday party, and hopefully the weather will be nice, as well.

- Today is the day I stock the kids closets for summer. Our local kids consignment sale is this week, and as a seller, I get to shop a day early. Hoping to find some awesome deals! It never disappoints!

- Not sure what's up with me, but I just can't see to get enough sleep lately! No matter how early or late I go to bed, when my alarm goes off in the morning, I wind up laying on the couch and eventually falling back to sleep. Maybe its my new medication, or maybe I just need to let my body sleep ... but its rather inconvenient. I can sleep when I'm dead.

- I've sort of given up on the thought that I'll actually pick up and read a book this year. Where do you find the time, ya know? But I have been able to read through some of my ever-growing stack of magazines. Which is much easier since I can stop mid-page to tend to the kids and not lose my train of thought.

- Is it sad that I started watching Teen Mom 2 this week? Just to see Janelle's clips? Not because I like her or anything. She's actually one of my LEAST favorites ever. {Can we say TrainWreck} but because she's down at the beach? And I miss the beach ... I need some sand and salt water in my life.

- This year, instead of technically giving something up for Lent, I've decided to try and do the 40 bags in 40 days challenge that I've seen floating around the web and Instagram. Purging 40 bags of garbage and clutter and unused/unwanted junk from our house?! I can handle that! Yesterday, I cleaned out the "junk" drawer -- one of ... -- and it felt so good to just open the garbage and dump stuff in there!

- I've said it before, I'll say it again. I'm over this back and forth weather this year. I'm ready for spring. I can't be the only one!!

What's on your mind today?! 


  1. Yay for an overnight getaway!!! You so deserve it. :)

  2. Your getaway sounds fun! Getting out of town is always good even if it is only a short distance away! I love watching Jenelle be crazy on Teen Mom. It angers me yet entertains me at the same time. I really hope you are able to pick up a book before the year ends! Reading is one of my favorite things to do and everyone should be able to enjoy it!

  3. I an purging my house. It's so liberating!

  4. Any time you get to get out of the house, it's nice!!
    Our thrift shop does bag sales on Fridays. After the ultra sound, I definitely plan on heading there and stocking up! The girls need summer clothes too!
    I want to start watching Teen Mom because of all the tweets I've seen about Janelle. I'm partially scared to see what she's up to.