11 March 2014

There's Nothing Better Than ...

There's nothing better than ...

playing at the park on a gorgeous sunny morning. Especially when that park is just challenging enough for your young kids to figure out new obstacles, while still being free to run and play on their own.

sitting down to eat dinner as a family. All four of us in our seats around the table, as S says the dinner blessing, all heads lowered, eyes closed. Its so sweet to hear her pray over the food, and hear L echo her "Amen" when it's done.

drinking sweet tea out of a mason jar, sitting on the back porch on a warm day. In a rocking chair. Clearly, southern ways have grown on me.

watching siblings become best friends.

the beginning of daylight savings time. So many people may disagree, but to me, the longer afternoon daylight means more time to sit outside and soak up the vitamin d, to play in the yard, and watch the kids wear themselves out before bed. Mine always sleep better during the summer than they do the winter. And that alone makes it great.

Good conversation with long-time friends. Whether its over the phone, face to face, or on the computer. Just finding time to talk and connect again -- to keep the friendship alive.

There's really nothing better than this life ... with these kids ... and that man. 


  1. This is so sweet! :) What a wonderful family you are.

  2. Love this post It's so uplifting!

  3. Sweet tea is my kryptonite!!!!!!!!! You have an adorable family!

  4. Gorgeous family photo! The part about the park reminded me that there are some in our neighborhood that we haven't ventured out to yet.