13 March 2014

Kiddo Cutes v.2

S.: "Mommy, you better go out next week and buy me a present!"
Mommy: "Oh really? And why's that?"
S.: "It's Valentines, duh! A big present, okay? Don't forget!"

As S walks past a mirror, she stops to look at herself, and the princess rings she has on.
S.: "Oh wow, look at me. I look amazing!"

Sometimes its the simple things that make kids feel great -- like helping with the laundry.
S.: "Daddy, I pushed the {start} button. (pause) I'm the queen of the WORLD!"

Daddy came home from the store with a drink. S was sitting in his recliner, watching a cartoon and noticed what he had.
S.: "Ohhhh, you bought a soda. That's for ME, right?!"

And sometimes ... kids are just downright BLUNT. Bad language, and all.
L.: "POOP!"
Mommy: "L, do you have to poop? Do you want to sit on the potty?"
S.: "Oh great. Now my bedroom's going to smell like CRAP!"

You can also check out v.1 here!


  1. I love this kid! V told me I looked "fabulous" the other day. I was like where did that word come from?!

  2. Haha seriously love this!!