18 February 2014

Kiddo Cutes v.1

One of my goals this year was to write down, daily, the funny/sweet things they kids were saying and doing. Sort of a way to remember this time in our lives -- since it all goes by so quickly! So I thought I would start a new series around here of some of the hilarious and outlandish things that have been heard around our house recently! Although L is talking, and is a silly boy, most of the lines, for now, are S's.

S: "Come on Mom ... smile for the camera!"
S: "Okay ... your face isn't awake. Let's just try that one again!"

S: "Woo, Mom, check me out! I'm Yoga-ing!"
Mom: "You are? Where did you learn yoga?"
S: "Oh. I just taught myself just now!"

L had gotten spanked and took off running for sympathy from his sister.
S: "It's okay buddy. Sissy's here. I've got you now."
S to Mom: "WHAT did you do?!"

S: "Ohhhh, I'm a hot-cha-cha girl!"

S: "I'm going to make you a wedding cake -- you haven't had one in awhile, Mom. And it needs some accessories, too!"

Daddy: "I'm going outside to try and sting that stray cat. I'll be right back."
*gun shot*
S: "Alright!! He got it! Are we gonna eat the cat now?!"


  1. Haha I love the "oh you're face isn't awake" lol.

  2. She is so funny! I wanted to do this this year also, but so far, my kids haven't been very funny. I love the one about eating cat. HAhaha