20 February 2014

Currently ...

Currently, we are: 

Anticipating our next few playdates with MOPS friends. Next week, the kids get a quick tour of a local bakery, and then we're going to play at Chick Fil A. Next month, we're getting a guided nature walk through one of the local state parks. Spring weather is on its way -- and I, for one, cannot wait! 

Feeling better, mostly. 3/4 of the house were struck down with the stomach bug over the course of the past week. And directly following that, we've all got some mutation of a cold -- some sinus, some just head/congestion. Either way, it's none too pleasant. And we're all ready for it to go away. 

Losing our schedule, it seems. Ever since getting sick last week, I just cant seem to get on top of things. My cleaning schedule is all out of whack. My workouts this week left me scared on Monday [Hello, complete and total body pain! Ha!] so I've been nervous/scared about the rest of the week. Nothing is on like it should be ... and I need to get a handle on things! At least the kids don't seem to mind too much. 

Making playtime out of everything. Chores need to get done?! Make it into some sort of game. Errands to be run? Make it a look and find activity. The kids have been so anti-"whatever mom asks us to do" lately, so I am having to get creative. It doesn't always work in my favor, but they still helped clean the playroom the other day, so I'll take that as a win! 

Playing the same few songs over and over and over again on Youtube so the kids can dance. Their current favorites are "Pompeii", "Dark Horse" and "I'm The Man" -- which works for me, since I'm loving them myself. S gets all excited at dinner time {since I use the phone to play music while I'm cooking} and usually comes running for a little dance party in the kitchen! L has been getting in on the action too, swaying and clapping his hands! 

Skipping through the stores, down the road, everywhere. S, that is. She has figured out how to skip recently, and keeps doing it all over the place. One of the fun/sweet things about being a little girl, which is great! The other day we were crossing the parking lot to drop her off in her kids room at MOPS and she grabbed my hand to have me skip with her! I did my best, although I was sore from Monday's workout. She laughed at my attempt, but we still had fun! 

Using our washer and dryer like they are going to die tomorrow! Ever since we were struck sick last week, I've been doing laundry like crazy. Three, four, five loads a day. And they all get dried and folded right away, too. Which is awesome! The kids love helping load and unload the machines ... and have even tried their hand at folding, which is laughable, but sweet. They've since given up on that, and choose to just hand me pieces as I finish folding the first one. And yet, its crazy -- I still can't seem to get on top of it. How are we going through that many clothes/towels/sheets in one day?! 

What are YOU currently up to? 


  1. You are busy. I need to do everything on your list but currently doing none! Haha. Glad you are back to recovery. Take it easy though!

  2. I need to seriously get back into my cleaning schedule. It helped me so much!