21 February 2014

From Sunshine to Stormy Weather

As we speak, I just hauled the kids out of the bathtub, where we were sitting, waiting out the tornado siren. A nasty storm was blowing through the area, and apparently a few funnels were spotted. Thankfully, nothing touched down in our neighborhood. But while we were hanging out, watching Mickey Mouse episodes on Youtube, I was thinking about the beautiful weather we've had the past couple of days. Its been so nice out, nice enough you just can't sit around the house. We've taken bikes up to the road to let the kids ride. We've been to the park and spent a couple hours running around. And we've started to enjoy our backyard, as well. Hopefully, this is the beginning of our spring weather, and there's more of it to come!


  1. SO glad nothing touched down in your neighborhood!!!

  2. Crazy weather this winter, huh?