17 February 2014

Sick Recovery and Pajama Days: Our Weekend in Review

What a weekend! And not in a good way, really. All last week, we were preparing for, and then dealing with, another snow storm. This time, it dumped a good 6 inches of wet, slushy snow on us. Thankfully, nothing froze, and they cleared the roads the next day. But as soon as everything was clear, I was struck down with a horrible stomach bug, and spent most of the weekend recovering. Poor S got a minor bout of it, as well -- thankfully no where near as bad as mine was. We spent all day Friday hanging out in pajamas, watching cartoons and ignoring the fact that it was Valentines Day. I was a little sad on Saturday when S asked me why she didn't get a valentine treat ... I just gently reminded her that we wanted to wait until a day when Daddy wasn't working, and that I promised she would get something special. Today is the day. We did manage to get out of the house a bit -- got some groceries, and went to church. But the rest of the time, we were in the house, snuggled up close, relaxed. At least we can say today that we all are on the mend. Minus a sinus infection that's creeping it's way in ... but why complain, right?!


  1. So sorry you were sick! :( Nothing worse than that, hope you are feeling better!