31 March 2014

Rain, Rain, Go Away: Our Weekend In Review

Lemme just say this -- our weekend was a bust! M worked. The weather was horrible -- overcast, rainy, gray and gloomy. S woke up with a fever Saturday morning -- and because she's a stubborn 4 year old who's convinced she knows more than mom, she kept refusing Tylenol AND water, so we had a hard time keeping the fever at bay. All that to say: the kids and I never left the house all weekend. I spent my time deep cleaning, washing endless mountains of laundry, running multiple cycles through the dishwasher, and keeping the kids from doing anything crazy, once their cabin fever kicked in!

This week is supposed to be beautiful - sunny and 70s all week. Now that's what I'm talking about!


  1. So sorry your weekend was a bust, I hope this week is better!