02 April 2014

So What? Wednesday

Life After I Dew

This week, we're saying "So What?" if: 

1. I can't stand driving when there is another adult in the car with me. I always feel like I'm back in the driver's ed situation, and someone is constantly watching/monitoring/judging my driving skills. So I default to letting whoever I'm with drive. 

2. I have to write out my grocery list, no matter how big or small, at least two times. The first time to make sure everything I need is listed, and the second time to put it in order of appearance in the store. I have the aisles memorized, for the most part, and know where to find just about everything! 

3. I never really followed, or got into, the story of the missing Airplane. Heck, if we're really being honest, if it doesn't have to do with military/VA benefits, lately, if it's been in the news, I have no idea what they are talking about. Sad, I know. I need to brush up on current events. 

4. I've never really "liked" any of the book series that gain major popularity overnight. Things like Twilight, 50 Shades of Gray, Hunger Games ... I just can't get into the mass hype about them. And as soon as I see them trending, I immediately turn off. 

5. I also cannot watch any movie that is based on something completely "unrealistic". Sure, no hallmark movie is going to happen, either. But the chances of it are much greater than Harry Potter coming to life {sorry, HP fans!} or anything vampire related. If it even has a tiny smidge of fantasy involved, I won't do anything with it. 

6. I recently got one manicure. And now? Now I'm hooked. I love the way they trimmed my nails -- the shape, and the filing. Especially since I hate using an emory board on myself. But I couldn't stop staring at my nails for days -- and now I want to paint them all kinds of colors! 

7. L is 2, and I am in no rush to potty train him. Sure, it would be nice to have him tell me he needs to go, and have less of a mess in a diaper to clean up, but I'm not rushing him. I know so many parents who insist that their kid have it mastered as soon as they turn 2 ... and I just don't care. It doesn't take more than a few seconds out of my day, really. 

8. I only take "selfies" on the days when I've straightened my hair, put on makeup or am wearing something nice. Usually all three at the same time. Me on a "regular" day? My hair in a messy "mom" bun, a hooded sweatshirt and my stressed out "mom" face on? You probably won't get a selfie that day. Kudos to the women who have no qualms about taking them all the time, and showing the real them to the world!

What are you saying "So What?" to this week?! 


  1. #1 is exactly how I feel!!! It gives me anxiety driving with another adult.

  2. I only take selfies on days I look good...or after a work out if I'm posting a fitness post. lol. And I hate driving with another adult in the car too!

  3. We're twins!! Especially with 4 and 5! I just can't do it! My friend gave me 50 Shades to read, but after all the hype, I just couldn't do it. I hate sci-fi movies the most, and they're John's absolute favorite. NO matter how good I look in the mirror, my selfies always seem horrendous.

  4. I do the grocery list thing too! (Sounded better than putting that I do #2!)

  5. TOTALLY agree with #1. And #7 is the way to go. We let Drew kinda dictate when he was ready and had a ton of success!

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