03 April 2014

To Be This Boy's Mom, I'm Gonna Have To Toughen Up

I knew becoming a Mom was going to be a tough job. What I didn't know was that when I became a Mom of a little boy, that worry and concern would be ten fold. Boys?! They are rough and tough and full of scrapes and bangs and bandages, bruises and cuts. For some reason, in their DNA, they are prone to getting hurt. To beating themselves up, getting back on their feet, and doing it all again, without much second thought. Unlike girls, who might guard themselves, think twice about what they are doing and any harm it might cause, boys just go at it. They dive in head first, and worry about the pain and aftermath later. L may only be 2 but he is rough and tumble with the best of them -- and these days, his legs are evidence of that. Just the other day, while we were outside enjoying this beautiful spring weather that's found itself our way, he fell down. Over. And over. And over again.

 It didn't help that he was wearing bulky rain boots he had put on himself. First, he climbed in underneath the kids' picnic table to sit in their "fort" -- and when he climbed out, he tripped over the seat. On the concrete back "porch" and scratched his knee up pretty good. Not even an hour later, he was walking down the steps -- brick steps -- when his body kept moving forward, but his feet stayed planted. His knees bent, taking him down to the next step and raking his little legs the whole way down. He cried and fussed -- mainly because he wanted a Spiderman band-aid. As soon as he got one, he dried his eyes, continued down the steps, and planted his butt in the dirt and rocks, content to keep digging until it was time to go inside.

Becoming a Mom was tough, but now that I'm Mom to a little boy, I need to put on my Big Girl Panties, and be prepared for all the moments that my heart reaches up into my throat in worry and fear of him getting hurt. Because its going to happen -- boys are rough: it's only a matter of time!


  1. I can only imagine how scary it can be being the mom of a little boy but you are doing a great job. He is adorable though.

  2. He sounds like my youngest. He always goes full force ahead and usually ends up hurting himself. Keep the band-aids within reach because they never learn their lesson :)

  3. Trenton is the same way. You would think he would be more cautious though because he screams like he's dying every time he gets the littlest scrape! :)

  4. I worry about the day my son becomes mobile. I might put him inside a box and never let him out.