04 April 2014

Why We Became A 3-Car Family

In the past year, M and I have both traded in our vehicles for something newer/better/more of what we wanted. I was driving a Chrysler Pacifica -- it was exactly what we wanted and needed at the time, but because we bought it used, there was already a bit of wear and tear done to it, and after owning it for a few years, the problems just started to add up. Including it nearing the need for a new transmission. We also had an H3 that we loved. The kids liked that there was a dvd player in the back for their entertainment on longer rides. Fuel wasn't that bad on it -- not as much as people would assume. And I wound up driving it around for errands more often than M did. But the time came for us to really think about what we wanted -- why was M driving a vehicle we purchased for ME with the purpose of transporting the kids around ... instead of us driving it? So we both traded our vehicles in and made new purchases.

I got a new Kia Optima, and have loved every second of it. The leather interior has now become a must for us with the kids -- they can't stain or smear food all over it and ruin it like they could the cloth interior of our previous vehicles. Gas mileage is great, and we've been able to load into the car and get away for the weekend without worrying about gas costs, as well. And there is plenty of room for the four of us in it comfortably. The best part -- we bought it with me and the kids in mind, and I have actually been able to drive it. Mainly because I cannot actually drive M's newer car. He bought a Dodge Challenger, and its a manual. He loves the sporty look, and the muscle it brings to the table. And I'm pretty sure that he also secretly likes knowing that, since I can't drive a stick, I can never just hop into the car and take off to joyride or run the miles up on it!

But there is one thing both cars have in common that wasn't so great.

They both are 5-seaters ... and that's pushing it, really. With carseats/booster seats installed for the kids, there's almost no way a third person could climb into the backseat. So that leaves us in a bind anytime family or friends come to visit from out of town. Rental cars can get pricey over the course of a week -- especially when you figure we would have to rent something bigger than what we have to accomodate everyone. So this past week, we did something we never really thought we would do.

We became a 3-car family. Some people may think we're crazy, and to be honest, some days I think we are, too. But we got a killer deal on a 1999 Suburban with a third row seat and a large back end. It will be great whenever we have to make large grocery shopping trips. And even more than that, it will easily hold the four of us, plus grandparents, and all their luggage when we pick them up at the airport. We'll all be able to drive around town together, without having to take two vehicles, fight over who is sitting in which car with whom, and get to the same location at the same time, without wasting extra gas. We won't be driving it every day ... but the days that we do, it will really come in handy.

Thankfully, we have a big driveway ... otherwise, we'd be getting a little crowded around here!


  1. I think what you guys did is great! It makes sense to be a 3 car family for you. :)

  2. Very nice cars! I sometimes wish we had a 3rd daily driver. We have a small sedan and a mini van, it would be nice to have a midsize or truck too. I guess we need to find a good deal too!

  3. We just bought an old 72 Chevelle that my husband has wanted for like ever, but I'm sad he's getting rid of his truck. I wish we could keep all 3 cars, but with all the moving that we will be doing, it's just not feasible for us! I love those cars though!

  4. That's a sexy Dodge... We've had the same cars since we got married, but we traded with each other so that they'd work better for us. I have a Honda which John now drives because it's hard to get the girls in the back, and in GA he was driving an hour round-trip for work everyday. And I got his Tahoe, which is nice and big for the kids and running errands around.