07 April 2014

Out And About, And On The Go: Our Weekend In Review

What a great weekend! I can't even begin to tell you how great it was, except to just say that: it was GREAT! We spent all evening Friday hanging out with some friends, while the kids ran around playing outside, well past their bedtime. Safe to say, they both slept until almost 9am Saturday morning. M had taken off that morning to go fishing, so it was just the kids and I -- and I had some fun planned. We started with breakfast out at McDonalds before we headed to the library for some new books to read, followed up some fun in the sun at the base park. Those kids needed to run out some morning energy. After an hour or so at the park, we made our way home, after a quick stop at the grocery store.

Sunday was M's 30th birthday! We had planned to catch the late service at church with his Grandfather, who was coming from out of town, so we spent the early part of the morning making M an omelet breakfast, finishing up decorating his cake, and getting everyone ready. Sermon was good -- and it felt good to be back in church after a few weeks of not making it, for one reason or another. Once church was over, we headed to lunch with everyone at Texas Steakhouse. The service was a bit slow, but the kids were well behaved, even though it was well past their usual lunch and nap-time. We brought our own cake, and enjoyed dessert together before heading home for a late nap. After a short visit with M's Dad in the evening, we all were very tired, and had no problem falling asleep.

And really, there isn't much better than having so much fun that you just pass out!
How was your weekend, friends?


  1. What a great weekend!! :) Yay for celebrating birthdays!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend, and I love seeing beautiful pics of your pretty self too on your blog every once in a while!