03 March 2014

Errands, X-Rays and Seventy Degrees: Our Weekend in Review

Our weekend did not got as planned -- not that those plans were anything big and spectacular, but nevertheless. M was working Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so we filled our time with sidewalk chalk {again} and running errands. Friday we drove into town to head towards Target and the Verizon store. Kids should not be allowed in phone stores -- let me just say that! At least, not my kids! They turn into complete animals! As soon as we walk through the door, and they know its a store with absolutely NOTHING to entertain them, they become these wild, rabid creatures that do anything to embarrass and annoy a Mom. Thankfully this time around, we were only there about 15 minutes! Saturday was supposed to be spent getting our monthly grocery run accomplished ... but S had other plans. She and I were horsing around early in the morning, and the next thing I know, she's complaining of her pinky finger hurting. I gave her an ice pack and a cartoon and figured it was for show, but within a little while, it was starting to bruise, and she was whining and complaining that she couldn't move it. Of course, I started to worry, so we headed to the Pediatrician's office and after waiting the entire morning, found out it WASN'T in fact broken, just bruised. And she was a great actress. Oh well ... at least she's okay. So we spent Sunday morning in church, and then as soon as the Commissary opened, we were there filling the grocery cart with all things edible for the month! And once we got home, we were able to enjoy the gorgeous sunny 70-degree weather we were having. And enjoy it, we did -- thankfully, since we're supposed to get sleet and freezing rain tonight. North Carolina, get your act together! This flip-flopping weather is a pain in the ass!


  1. So glad her pinky isn't broken! Oh I remember the bi-polar weather of North Carolina!!

  2. Glad it's not broken! Sounds like a busy weekend...but at least you squeezed in a Target trip! We can all use a good target trip on the weekend...lol.

  3. My girls are exactly the same when we walk into Zales. We've had to go in there a few times recently and they just go nuts!!