04 March 2014

Surprise! L Left Me a Treat!

I got a nice little surprise today -- definitely something I wasn't expecting! I spent the early part of the morning letting the kids play in the bath while I tried to scrub some gross stuff out of a cupboard in the same bathroom. We've never used it, as long as we've lived here, and I was tired of whatever it was lurking in there. As deep as we cleaned the house before moving in, it was one thing we didn't really touch. And probably should have before now. Anyways, the smell of bleach and vinegar got to be too much for us to handle, so I scooped the kids out of the bath, wrapped them in towels, and sent them down the hall while I cleaned up the whole mess quickly. I figured they would be fine running naked for a few minutes. Well -- those minutes kind of slipped away from me, what with hanging up the wet towels, gathering the clean clothes to dress the kids on, and answering a million questions from a curious 4 year old's mind. Next thing I know, I am grabbing a diaper to chase L down in the playroom. As I get in there, I make the comment out loud, "L, lets get a diaper on your now. I really don't need you pooping on the floor." Immediately, his little face looked guilty, whipping around to say "I sowwy, Momma! Sowwy!!" A little mischievous grin plastered on his face. Thats when I took a closer look -- and saw one solid poop on the carpet. A few smaller pieces nearby.

At least I now know why he was saying sorry! And maybe its not quite time for potty training ... just yet. I'd rather not spend every morning scrubbing poop from undisclosed locations around the house.