25 March 2014

The Fastest Surgery EVER

Yesterday was the day. S got tubes. And true to form, I think Daddy was the most nervous of any of us. Not that I love or enjoy seeing my little being taken away from me, in a hospital gown. But I had faith in the team performing the surgery, and was reassured by all the staff at just how great a doctor Doctor Johnson is/was. Maybe because Daddy couldn't be there, and was stuck at work tending the inmates. But he made sure to call. Repeatedly. To check in. Not sure, but I think some of the calls might have shaken S a little bit ... a few times while on the phone with him, I heard her get a little choked up. But she bounced back pretty quick. And everything was over pretty fast. She took to the anesthesiologist really well, and let him tickle her and carry her to the OR. It was actually pretty adorable, their interaction. The longest part of the morning was actually waiting for them to be ready. We sat on a gurney together, snuggled up, for the better part of an hour and a half, tuned in to Disney Jr, which was nice. A little distraction, and some time alone, together. My girl and me. It doesn't happen much these days. They took her back and walked me to the waiting area -- where I sat, scrolling through my phone for all of 10 minutes before they called me on the phone to say she was done, and had done really well. And that as soon as she was fully awake, they would bring her to recovery where I could join her.

 Not even 20 minutes later, I was waiting in a room as they wheeled her in, her smiling and happy, and the complete opposite of her brother's reaction to the gas. She asked for chocolate milk and powdered donuts -- and I knew then that my girl was going to be just fine! We came home, settled in for a few cartoons, and before lunchtime, she was right as rain, ready to play with her brother and resume life as normal. Including lunch out at Bojangles -- a special treat! Amazingly, she never fell for a nap all day, either! That part shocked me a bit. Even *I* wound up falling asleep on the couch at one point in the afternoon. But either way, the tubes are placed, the girl is back to normal, and now, life goes on. And hopefully, this is the only time we have to deal with this!


  1. I'm so glad the surgery went quickly and I hope it works!

  2. She is too cute! I'm glad that it all went well!