17 March 2014

Library Books, Playtime at the Park, and Fever-Filled Cuddles: Our Weekend in Review

Happy Saint Patrick's Day -- and Happy Monday! Another weekend has come and gone. At least half of our weekend was absolutely gorgeous -- so really, there's little to  complain about. Saturday, the sun was shining, the breeze was warm, and there was nothing to do but spend it outside enjoying every moment. I took the kids to the library to pick up a few new books to read {and wound up coming home with almost 20 ... how does that happen?! Ha!} and then took them to the park to get out some energy. It was nice to watch them play with the other kids there, running, climbing and digging in the dirt. Hopefully soon, we'll have another nice day where we can spend the whole morning there! We really love that particular park! Unfortunately, Sunday didn't go as planned. As soon as we woke up to get ready for church, we discovered L had a fever and was not feeling well at all. M took S for the morning, and Mommy got to snuggle up on the couch with L, watching movies all morning. And once again, after naptime, we were right back to the couch, snuggled, watching Monsters Inc for the second, and third, time. Only taking breaks from the couch to eat popsicles and some chicken noodle soup. With temps fluctuating from 100.1 to 102.6, we knew hydration and some tylenol was really all we needed ... and Mommy's watchful eye. Although he didn't sleep GREAT, he did wake up this morning fever-free -- so we're happy for that! And glad our boy is on the mend.


  1. I hate when babies get sick :( glad things are looking up for y'all!

  2. So glad he is on the mend! :)

  3. You have such beautiful kids! Those eyes and hair!! Glad the little guy is feeling better!