18 March 2014

Rubbed the Wrong Way


I heard something on the radio the other day that really rubbed me the wrong way. They were advertising local tours ... of the air force base in town. Once a month, any individual who signed up, could take a tour of the base, hear about the history, etc.

Am I the only one who sees potential issues with this? Maybe I've read too many books, watched too many movies, etc. But I just don't like this idea ... and really, I don't think its smart. Or necessarily safe, either.

Sure, bases all over the country open themselves up from time to time to the public to hold air shows, and other events of similar nature. Any and every one under the sun is welcome to come, watch and enjoy, all on the active military instillation. But to me, its a little different. Those events have some major security in place, have been planned for years in advance, and everything is ironed out to a T.

Is town making individuals fill out forms, complete background checks, or anything else to verify they are who they say they are, and they aren't someone coming to nose around, figure out layouts, etc.? Are they walking through security before getting on the tour "bus" or whatever vehicle they are using to get on base? To make sure they aren't concealing anything that could pose potential harm or danger?

I don't know ... I just can't shake the feeling that this REALLY isn't the greatest idea. Am I the only one who sees problems with something like this? Or do you think its a good idea?


  1. I think this is a huge issue, just like I believe that open military bases are a horrible idea! It is like that at Bliss and I don't like it at all.

  2. Camp Pendleton is regularly used for random bikers to come on base. All they need is a drivers' license! I don't like it!