19 March 2014

So What Wednesday?

Life After I Dew

This week, I'm saying So What If ...

  •  I absolutely love this MAJOR 40 bags in 40 days project I took on recently. Its kind of floating around social media right now ... and I know I'll have more than 40 bags. But it almost gives me this crazy euphoric high! Getting rid of crap, and seeing a space so clean afterwards?! Oh yea! It's a good feeling
  •  I secretly have held onto a few things just because I can't admit that I'm not that person anymore. I still have a few pieces of clothing from college ... not even because I absolutely love them and can't live without them ... but just because ... well ... WHEN I lose the weight, what if I need a thin jacket ... or a sweatshirt? Ugh, I need to stop. GED RID OF IT! 
  •  I pack a small sugary snack for my kids when I know we are going to run a crappy errand that's going to take awhile. Like this morning, S has her follow-up with ENT. And I KNOW they are going to take her in a room by herself, and L is going to get pissy. So mini magnadoodle, a book and some cereal or a lollipop, its all coming along to save my sanity! 
  •  I can't contain my excitement about getting back to Jacksonville this weekend! So much, in fact, that last night, M said to me, "You know ... I'm really starting to regret saying we'd go to this birthday, and that we'd stay the night in town ..." Oh no, there is no back tracking. We are going. I am getting a dose of happy, thankyouverymuch. 
  •  I actually ENJOY Jacksonville. So many people complain all day long about hating it. Too many Marines in too small a space. And yes, traffic is congested. But seriously, it reminds me a lot of Bangor, I don't mind traffic {because it gives me extra time to listen to the radio, or my thoughts or just ... be} and its got so much more packed in that small area than this one-horse-town does. It's all about perspective. 
  •  I wish we had a fenced in backyard just for days like we've had lately. When it's sunny, I love to get outside with the kids. When it's raining? No one wants to sit in that ... but kids love puddles. And mine have rain boots and umbrellas. I would give anything to just shove them outside and tell them not to come back in until they were wet and wrinkled and tired! 

What are you saying "So What?" to this week? 


  1. It is amazing how much you miss a fenced in backyard when you don't have one.

  2. I have a pile of crap in my dining room that I have finally decided to part with. It feels SO good!