20 March 2014

Fluid Be Gone!

As much as I had hoped that 2014 wouldn't turn into the year of the Doctor's Offices ... it's looking like that's exactly what's going to happen. Yesterday morning, S had her re-check with ENT on her ears. They've been giving us problems during hearing tests since her birthday, and they were trying to pinpoint the issues. On one test there was fluid, then on another, none. Once again fluid, then nothing. Today? Fluid. Both eardrums look flat, according to the doctor. Apparently, they shouldn't be? Anyways ... he said normally, given that summer is somewhere around the corner {but who knows where, at this point!} they would just wait to see if the drums responded on their own, due to it no longer being cold/flu season. But because her's have been so up and down for awhile, he wanted to go ahead and take care of the issue. So bright and early Monday morning, she and I will be at the hospital for day surgery to have tubes put in. If it's not one thing, it's another, really. But ... at least we'll get this taken care of, and hopefully from now on, she'll be able to hear a little better, and not have any discomfort while sleeping, too.


  1. :( hope everything gets worked out and that she will be able to hear better!

  2. aww...poor baby. I hope the issue resolves itself with summer!