21 March 2014

Currently ...

Currently, we are ...

Battling wills with a certain 4 year old! She's definitely testing boundaries these days -- they say "terrible twos" and that "threes" are rough ... but I think they are all lying. At least with girls. "Fours" are rough ... and definitely beat the tantrums our 2 year old is capable of these days. Hands down.

Paying it forward! It really feels good to do little "good deeds" here and there, and we've gotten a few great ones in recently. After someone in front of us at the drive-thru paid for our coffee the other day, we returned the favor to the vehicle behind us. Sometimes, its just that little surprise, and nice gesture. It goes a long way. And the other day, at the store, when a woman had paid for ALL of her groceries, but was digging for change just to buy a bunch of bananas. It was obvious she was on a fixed income, and when I noticed that she had made better foods a priority, and wasn't buying junk, I couldn't help but do something. It may have only been a bunch of bananas to me, and only a couple dollars, but she was so thankful and appreciative. Like I said, sometimes, a little goes a long way! Maybe this week, as she's eating her breakfast, she have an extra smile, remembering the time someone did something nice for her!

Taking time for myself! While I am currently working on de-cluttering the house and our things, I have also done a little de-cluttering of my own. Cleaned up some of the blogs I follow, minimized how much time I am spending online, realized that shows on the DVR will NOT just disappear if I don't watch them immediately. It's freed up more time to do things for me ... reading, relaxing, enjoying the sunshine and warmer weather {when we actually have it ...} and I'm so glad I finally did it.

Making lots of funny faces lately. L was born to be the class comedian, it seems -- and there isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't do something to keep me cracking up. Whether its intentional or not! He's learned how to push his sister's buttons, and egg her on. Which is slightly hilarious, especially when he cracks an evil grin in the middle of it. He calls me sweetie pie randomly, stopping me in my tracks. He's just a silly boy!

Wishing this winter would end already. I've said it before, I'll say it again. The first snowstorm or two, in January, were great. The kids loved it, and are still talking about playing in it and eating snow cream. But it's March already ... in North Carolina. There shouldn't be "rumors" of snow within the next week. Six years here, and I've never seen it like this. I thought I left Maine and it's cold weather a long time ago ... I guess maybe it's following me?

Thinking ahead to Easter. Our Mimi and Papa will be in town visiting, so we are planning on cooking a big dinner this year. And most likely doing an Easter Egg hunt in our backyard. I haven't bought everything yet, but I have the kids baskets planned out -- and  can't wait to see their faces. Bubbles, chalk, puzzles, and someone is getting Frozen in her basket! {Yes ... I am an evil mom and pre-ordered it, only to stash it away when it came. In my defense, S hasn't seen the movie yet so she doesn't know what she's missing ...}

Going to Jacksonville! The weekend has finally come! Other than a birthday party, we really don't have anything planned for while we are there. But the weather is supposed to be warm and beautiful. We're already talking about what restaurants we want to eat at that we miss the most, and don't have nearby and I'd love to let the kids run wild on a playground or two. Plenty of fresh air -- and good friends, too!

Watching the marquee at the movie theater closely. S has been begging to go to a movie ever since her Daddy went to one recently without her. She was so heartbroken that he was seeing a "grown up" movie, and she  couldn't tag along. So I promised her I would watch and see what kid movies were playing, and we would pick a day and go. All of us. And do dinner afterward. I know there is a Muppets movie out ... but it doesn't really look like anything either of my kids would be into. Does anyone know of any good kid movies due out soon?


  1. I've started thinking about Easter too! I've never dressed a boy for Easter, so it's been on my mind on what I'm going to put my son in. lol.

  2. I am really exited for Easter this year! We are heading up to arizona to see my sister and her family. :)