15 May 2014

Kiddo Cutes

Oh this girl! Lately, she's been giving us one heck of a time! Between being dramatic, like most 4 year olds, and getting a little too rough with her brother when she isn't getting her way, we never know what to expect out of her these days. But, I'm hoping some of that this past week was just the full moon, and she starts to return to her silly self. It wouldn't hurt if she started sleeping a little more, either! But either way, sleep or no sleep, time-outs or no time-outs, this girl is always down to make us laugh! Even when we least expect it!

S: "Mom ... think about this for a minute ... "

S: "Oooh, my head itches. Holy cannoli!"

S: "It's pretty hard having kids. Isn't it, Mom?"

Mom: "S, come look at your plant. It's growing!"
S: "Oooh, Mommy ... look what Jesus grew!!"

S: "Hey ... who farted in my bed? You know ... I really don't 'preciate that!!"

L: "Mimi and Papa?"
S: "They aren't here, L. They live in Maine. They speak english there."
L: "See them?!"
S: "Didn't you hear me? They speak english in Maine. You don't understand english!"

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